Barrel & Biscuit Uses Reflective Lyricism to Engage With Fanbase On Deeper Medium

When it comes to inspiring change and making the difference, Barrel & Biscuit has a deep rooted history culturally and politically. Coming from a modest upbringing, it was music that taught him the ropes about what it meant to make something out of nothing as well as how to fit into society. Rap was a gateway to communicate to his listeners, his life story and life lessons. 

Since its earliest days, hip-hop has been inherently political – a powerful vehicle to deliver messages society needs to hear. Through the spoken word, its MCs have often conveyed the politics of hip-hop even more directly than those of their rock and folk predecessors.

Whether it’s Boogie Down Productions’ KRS-One breaking down the journey of the cow from the slaughterhouse to your dinner plate, or Doug E Fresh (and, later, Common) speaking about the sensitive topic of reproductive rights, hip-hop has always been the genre where no subject is off-limits.  Enter Barrel & Biscuit.

Entering 2022, the lyrical wordsmith continues to cement his stance within the music world genre-bending over up-beat anthems that are culturally diverse, as well as looking for ways to keep his fanbase entertained from each musical release. 

It’s undeniable that the celebrated artist has so much credibility under his belt and there’s no signs of him slowing down. Keep up to date with Barrel & Biscuit and all of his new music below

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