Bankroll Got It Is Becoming Rap’s Go-To Production Duo

Bankroll Got It is a mysterious trap production duo from the Bay Area. Joel & Taylor Banks are blood brothers who have been building up a promising career as producers. Their rise to prominence is one for the ages. After working with artists like Lil Baby, Lil Gotit, and DaBaby, the producer tandem is built for success. Furthermore, their impactful records have even helped raise the profile of creatives like Mullato & Kalan.FrFr. Watching records like “Scoring” and “Bitch From Da Souf” shoot up the charts on DSPs shifted their perspective. Today, the 808 driven siblings have built a studio in L.A. to keep the momentum up. Producers are highly respected in today’s industry. Their studio is looking like an oasis for rappers to catch a vibe and create a banger.

Check out our lit conversation discussing their come up, latest placements, and new studio in L.A. below!

Bankroll Got It

Ahmad Davis: Introduce the world to those who do not know Bankroll Got It!

Bankroll Got It: We are two brothers. My name is Joel Banks, and my brother’s name is Taylor Banks. Our production name came from our last name: Banks.

AD: Worked with chart-toppers like Mulatto, Lil Baby, and DaBaby already so far. Would you say that the time you spent on the west inspired your sound?

BGT: The sound inspired us when we were young but over time we started to gravitate towards the southern sound in Atlanta. We grew up listening to Dr. Dre and tried to ensure the drums were that strong. We like hard 808’s and unique sounds. Our sound is really more Atlanta & Texas.

AD: Joel, when you were in college you started making beats more often. When did you know it was going to be your full-time job?

BGT: Joel: My homie Anthony in school inspired me to work harder and take it seriously. We never got the traction in school, and I quit for a while. Then my little brother started making beats, and it got me back excited about it.

AD: Would you say the pandemic has made it easier or harder to work?

BGT: It made it difficult for sure. We love connecting with artists in person. Zoom calls do not work for us. The underlying blessing was that we were able to build our own studio in Los Angeles. By the end of last year, we had people visiting and started cooking back up.

AD: Now that the studio is set, how does it feel for you all?

BGT: Our new studio has been a big contributor to us. We have 4 rooms that help us continue to work throughout the night. It looks like a Miami nightclub, so it is always a good vibe. We have bottle service and endless vibes.

AD: When the Mullato placement hit, you also had Lil Gotit’s “Real Hood Babies” bubbling too. How did this help you all out?

BGT: We were able to hit multiple artists and pitch to work with more people. Traveling through Atlanta and hearing our record a lot was awesome. We did not recognize the impact at first. When Swae Lee hit us back, we knew we had something crazy.

AD: Is being a production duo easier or more difficult?

BGT: We are like a machine. It makes it way easier. Even though we are brothers, we work differently. As a tandem, we can use workrooms and sessions way better. We can have one person cooking up while the other works with the artists. We did not know anyone in the industry when we first started. So networking was a tag team process that helped without a doubt.

AD: Does Bankroll Got It hope to work with anyone special this year?

BGT: We are starting to build with Drakeo The Ruler, Duke Duece, and Coi Leray. Rubi Rose and Meg The Stallion are two people we are also getting some vibes in together.

AD: Are you looking to drop a project as Bankroll Got It?

BGT: We have a plan to work on something as a tandem through our own brand soon. We are going to be specific about who we work with.

AD: What are Bankroll Got It’s future plans?

BGT: We want people excited about the tag. We look to build more upon our sound as a group. Our studio is only getting better, and we look forward to working more. People need to hit up Sean to see how our studio is!

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