Bankreaux Releases New Visual “LOWA”

Bankreaux is an Atlanta artist who is currently residing in San Antonio, Texas. Today he has returned with his latest visual, LOWA. The Bankshot Films visual shows Bank in his own element, showing the energy behind every word. Featuring production from Denzel Stone, the track serves as an appetizer for his next project, Hate2Love, a follow-up to his 2020 release Love Hate. His projects receive maximum praise from all of his fans. His supporters are a diverse crowd who can relate to his music in more ways than one.

Bankreaux is on 10 from start to finish here, approaching the instrumental with the aggression and vibrato that’s become his lyrical stamp. In just 2 minutes Bank rings home a point everyone can relate to, the determination to do whatever it takes to survive. As a black man, bearing your emotions can be tough. The ATL-bred rapper bares all in his latest track. Everyone goes through various issues that can change the way you view life. It’s not normal for someone to be able to share them in such a creative way. This is where Bankreaux shines through and sets himself apart.

Peep the brand new visual for LOWA today!

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