“Bang” Powaful to Lincoln 3Dot’s New movement

Besides a new self-titled track to “Bang,” Lincoln 3Dot has a product line that makes sex life more pleasurable called “Powaful.” Composed of various items that boost performance in the bedroom and make sexual orgasms procure efficiently like the title of 3Dot’s single “Bang.” 

A popular choice and the bestseller from Lincoln are the slippery pills that, like the name of the track, accentuate the moistness of vaginal function, leading to sex that can end with a big “Bang.” From Lincoln and other people, it’s recommended for first-time buyers of his product. 

The track itself is a raucous collaboration with Track Starr that is a fast-paced anthem; about the duality of partying well, and having good sexual intercourse. Working alongside his sex-driven business, it works hand in hand; and showcases the potential of Lincoln 3Dot being a mogul in the style of Jay Z and Master P. 

Lincoln is a very talented entertainer of all trades; who can bring different vibes of forms of art that benefits the lives of anybody who comes in contact with him. So please keep your eyes on him for the next upcoming months. 

“Bang” is on all DSPs, and you can shop for his products at WWW.powaful.com

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