Bang Bang Drops New Visual For “Graves”

Bang Bang follows up his hit EST Gee-assisted single “Catch A Body” with a new visual for “Graves”. The new single is a chilling follow-up that anybody from the trenches can relate to. However, the Philly bar spitter Bang is not looking to back down from any obstacle his life may present. Growing up in Philadelphia is a unique experience that he is excited to help share with the masses. Next, he was on OVO Sound Radio and on Audiomack’s 10 Rappers You Should Know Right Now. Bang is ready to unload the clip. 

The video for “Graves” provides all his fans a real-life look into the artist’s neighborhood in Uptown, Philadelphia. The rapper is shown flexing money and mobbing out. His partners recite the infectious lyrics to the somber new single in the new visual. The haunting new track is the second single off his forthcoming EP Bando Season. There have been plenty of talks about the Philly music scene and what certain artists should do for up-and-coming acts. Bang has decided that he will take control of his own destiny, and it has been working out for him so far.

Check out the new chilling visual here!

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