Balla, D.C.’s Rising Star ain’t One Of Them

Balla exemplifies why faking it till you making it will never work out

Balla represents the pure essence of the real Washington, D.C. Not the tourist attractions of Southwest or Bar hooping on U Street but the grit of the hoods. D.C. is not the crimeless city corporate America can paint it to be and Balla’s neighborhood shows that.

Stemming from Simple City in Southeast, one of the roughest trenches in the city; the rising star had a difficult path to the success he has today. Like his music, the Top Opp of the city is gritty and straightforward in life. Sure he can laugh and have a good time every now and then but he has bigger dreams.

After serving over 7 years in prison and being on the run, Balla is now a free man and turning his pain and rough lifestyle into art through his music. He combines gritty lyrics with high octane trap beats to curate relatable trap music.

Garnering millions of streams and view on all of his content to notable features such as Big Scarr and Big30, he is coming up naturally in a short period of time.

Matter in fact, It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve personally seen a D.C. artist gain this much attention in a short matter of time. It’s very impressive but Balla and his team knows more work is to be done.

The real question is why mainstream music hasn’t caught on yet? Until very recently, seldom notable publications have attempted to cover the star of his city. The lack of recognition puts a chip on him and his team’s shoulder to ensure that he gets his face everywhere really soon.

Since you saw this, you’re hip to now so keep him on your radars. You won’t regret it.

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