Bahja Rodriguez is ATL’s Youngest R&B Veteran

Bahja Rodriguez has been a professional performance artist since the age of 12. She has since doubled in age and has proved to only get better over time. Spending a lot of her early years in a group was a great experience. As of 2015, she has been a solo artist. Bahja’s fanbase is growing day by day, and it’s a testament to her perseverance as an artist. In April, the songstress released her first song entitled “Jealous Type,” which gained over 1 million streaming impressions within its release days. All of her drops have been in the Top 10 sales charting list via iTunes R&B album charting.

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Her new project Hold You Over has a strong concept that shows her growth as a songwriter and performer. Prior to our interview she had a lot to say about her new 5 song EP.

“This project gives my fans a whole new feel on me as an artist. I was forced to engineer myself on a few of the songs due to COVID. Having to engineer and write honestly gave me such a different vibe. My fans get a true taste of not only me as an artist but for me as an engineer too. This project is a reflection of what it sounds like when I’m in a room totally by myself creating. I’m giving my fans a taste of what’s to come for my debut album. “Hold You Over” was literally what the title states. Something slight to Hold You Over until the album comes out.”

– Bahja Rodriguez

Check out our insightful conversation regarding her new project below!

Ahmad Davis: Your fans love you to death. Can you speak about how much they mean to you?

Bahja Rodriguez: My fans mean the world to me, honestly! Without them and God, there is no me. I love them to death, and they know it too. I spoil them rotten!!!! Lol, whatever they ask me for, they pretty much get. They give me so much inspiration and the best Ideas, plus they always keep it real with me.

AD: Atlanta is home to some extremely talented artists; how did your area help you grow as an artist?

Bahja: Being in Atlanta has really pushed me to be the best artist I can be. I’ve connected with so many dope creatives because we all stay here and move around the same circles. The influence of the area also comes out in my music too. I’ve been around and in the industry, since I was a child, so it’s certain things I picked up about the culture of music here as well. Honestly, you can connect with anyone and every one no matter who they are. Most people are super down to Earth. 

AD: Your music and lyrics seem to come from the heart. Do you write based on your life experiences?

Bahja: Absolutely! If I’m not writing from a personal experience, it’s most likely coming from somebody I know. My new EP “Hold You Over” was very personal. I really was vulnerable and let out my truest feelings. My album is even more honest. 

AD: How has the pandemic changed your routine as an artist?

Bahja: The pandemic forced me to start recording myself. Before, I could always pull up to sessions and work, but once the pandemic hit, that was a wrap. I actually enjoyed it more, though, because I connected to my music on a deeper level. It also forced me to think outside of the box when it came to promo because I really couldn’t do much in person.

AD: Your EP Hold You Over is 5 songs of heat. Are you excited to give your fans a full-length project soon?

Bahja: Thank you! I appreciate that! I’m so excited to give my fans this full body of work. It’s the best music I’ve ever created, and honestly, it’s the most real I’ve ever been. I’m pouring out my whole heart, and I know that everybody will feel exactly where I’m coming from when they hear this.

AD: You have been in the spotlight for over 10 years. How has famed changed over the years?

Bahja: The biggest change is that I’ve basically had to rebrand myself and get people to see who Bahja truly is. Without all the gimmicks. Now my fans can connect on a way more personal level with me because they’ve watched me grow from a little girl to a grown woman, and they also hear it in the music. It’s fun, though, because it’s still challenging, and I’m still working my way up, but I love a good challenge.

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AD: Your project shows your growth as an artist and a woman. What do you want people to take from this EP?

Bahja: I want people to listen to the EP and know that they are enough. Everything you did to fix the relationships in your life, whether romantic or platonic, was enough. It’s okay to be angry about it or sad. I want them to know it’s also ok to move on and to grow from those experiences. This EP is for anybody who’s ever had their heartbroken and did all they could to prevent it. You did your best, and it was enough.

AD: Lastly, what do you have planned for 2021? Can you give us any hints on things you have in the works?

Bahja: 2021 is gonna be so major for me. I’m putting out my first debut album next year, so I’m really excited about that. I’m also going to continue to grow my hair business, “Hair Bae” along with tapping into some other beauty endeavors. I plan on acting next year and landing my first role, all while releasing music and visual content at the same time. I’m looking at 2021 like it’s full of possibilities because it definitely is!

Check out here new EP today!

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