Bad Kid Paris’s “Money All Around Me” Making Major Waves In The Music Scene

Bad Kid Paris’s “Money All Around Me” Making Major Waves In The Music Scene

FunnyMike’s very own “BadKid” Paris released her first song and video “Money All Around Me,” which is on all major platforms and we are here for it. The catchy single has been gaining some serious attention online and the online community has absorbed its infectious vibe. Online speculation has grown in conversation about what other “money moves” this young entrepreneur has in store 

BadKid Paris definitely has released some heat on her new song and video. The 10-year multi-talented protege had fans and supporters going crazy for her new banger. With over 300k views on YouTube and counting, there’s no doubt her song will be charting soon.

“Money All Around Me” was inspired by Paris’s lavish life growing up, where she got anything she wanted no matter the cost. The song took itself took about a week to create and the video took 2 days. Paris recalls that her favorite part of  making her music video was “When I got to drive off in my dad’s Bentley.” She also admitted that one of her favorite parts of her song was when she says “Pretty girls don’t need no ID.” In the music video you can clearly see she is living her best life and can’t anything stop that. From the glamorous cars, scenery, and lifestyle to hitting the studio for dancing, rehearsals and practice, this kid’s work ethic is definitely unmatched. No wonder there’s “Money All Around” her and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when you 2 hardworking parents. The discipline that she’s learned from martial arts and jiu-jitsu has shown itself in her creativity and work. 

Paris’s dream is to someday collaborate with a famous rapper, NBA Young Boy but for now, she would love to collaborate with some of her close friends such as: Macei, Mya, Khalani, & Journey Christine. “I was not nervous at all [recording her song] as music is my passion and I love performing. You can definitely see she is a natural to the spotlight when it comes to the presence on her song and even her hyped energy in her music video. You can tell she is a positive inspiration to girls who have thought about pursuing their dreams in the entertainment industry.

For someone being so young and with a lengthy resume, we are eagerly excited to witness what she has in store next. You can follow this BadKid on social media at and on Youtube:

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