Backpack Ben And Chris Patrick Are In His “bag”

“Bag” might undersell Backpack Ben’s and Chris Patrick’s magic

Backpack Ben heightens Chris Patrick’s lyrical abilities with copasetic production that puts listeners in the mood to make more money; IE get that “Bag.” Ben’s skills curating a diverse beats is on display with this single and his upcoming EP ‘Dropped Out.’

Current star Trippie Redd heads headlines nine other talented artists who brought the best out of Ben. Different backgrounds will be presented that may put Backpack ben among the elites of producers.

Ben considers himself “out of the box” in terms of how he stacks with his industry colleagues but to me, he makes his own lane. You can’t conform talent if it deserves praise and Backpack is one of one. The best talent in the history of music tend to be unique and Ben mindset is among that already.

 “I don’t like to make music that sounds like other music. I always attempt to create a new melody or run. My will compels me to be as abstract as possible but also make sure the concept is clear. The good thing about me is that I can work with any kind of artist or genre. I’m not the main focus of the record as the producer; so I make sure the artist feels good about the work.”

Backpack Ben on originality and mindset in music.

With a winning thought process and eagerness to conjure quality sounds for artist, Backpack Ben is the latest future super producer to blow up soon!

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