B.I.G Ez Shares New Album For His Fans

B.I.G Ez has dropped a 10 track album titled ‘Pending Cases’. He mentions all of his music, this album talks about some of the pain and struggles he has faced in life. Moreover, he takes big pride in all of his lyrics being his own as he channels his raw emotions and thoughts. 

He started recording and discovering his talent when he was 13 years old. Since then he has performed at ‘Out da mud’ festival and collaborated with other artists such as Deniro Farrar and Tianis Rose which are both featured on the upcoming album. He has big plans for the future that include movie roles, collaborations with bigger artists and just becoming an overall well-known rapper. 

Not only does he love creating music but he also sees it as an opportunity to support and change his family’s life. He also enjoys rapping because it’s a time when he feels heard and understood. B.I.G Ez also hopes to inspire his community and help the less fortunate in the future.  The creativity level is high on this new project. Growth as an artists is important. This album is a step in a good direction for the North Carolina MC.

Be sure to check out ‘Pending Cases’ today!

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