Ayo Jet Tags 4sure Hef & Lougotcash for “Sauce”

New York is home to one of the strongest hip-hop scenes in the game right now. Staten Island representers Ayo Jet & 4sure Hef have a place amongst what’s currently going on in the Big Apple’s scene. The latest single, “Sauce” embodies all the qualities of an NYC hit. The fire drill beat produced by Saint Cardona and the dope feature from Lougotcash is a recipe for a smash.

Ayo Jet & 4sure hef are ready to pop onto the main stage. They claim that the new single came easy. After the artists heard the beat, they immediately imagined themself in the club flexing and bagging all of the women in the section. Although the clubs are still mainly closed, “Sauce” has the potential to stay around for a while. Staying power is essential in this industry, and Ayo Jet & 4sure hef are sure they have everything it takes to leave their mark. 4surehef will drop another single on Labor Day entitled “BIG 4″. This song is sure to keep the momentum going and Ayo Jet is dropping an album on September 25th. All fans should be sure they are on the lookout for 4sure hef’s EP coming out in November.

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