Aymos Delivers ‘Yimi Lo’ & Chops It Up With Kazi Magazine

Two-time South African Music Awards nominated artist and composer AYMOS returns with his latest offering titled Yimi Lo. In celebration of the brand new release, Aymos chopped it up with KAZI Magazine to talk about the new bum, his artistry, what’s next and more! 


The Amapiano Prince Aymos is excited to unveil his 14-track masterpiece championing the unique afro-yano sound. The new offering backs his explosive and consistent year. including a feature on one of the biggest amapiano tracks of 2020, ”eMcimbini,” with Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa. As well as game-changing collaborations with UK producers Juls and Karen Nyame KG.

Yimi Lo is one of the best amapiano soundscapes of the year. This is all thanks to the soulful afro pop qualities and Aymos’ stunning vocal performances laid over its lush melodies. As a result, lead singles, ”Jemeni”, “Risasekile,” and ”Ababuyanga,” had already surpassed half a million Spotify streams ahead of the album’s release.


Speaking about the inspiration behind Yimi Lo, which translates to “this is who I am”, Aymos goes on to say: 

The music on this album is inspired by my years so far in the industry and all the ups and downs I experienced to get here. When ‘eMcimbini’ dropped, I faced many obstacles that caused me to consider quitting music or trying to be someone I wasn’t. Holding on to who I am, and my values is what this album is about. I appreciate human beauty and accept individuals for who they are. Nobody has to change anything about themselves if they don’t want to. My album embraces love, warmth, and the spirit of Ubuntu, and of course good vibes!”

– Aymos

The trendy album is soulful, lyrically driven, and rhythmic. Packed with productions by Kabza De Small, Major League DJz, Josiah De Disciple, DBN Gogo, and others. It also features guest performances from vocalists Sekiwe and Boohle, renowned rapper Focalistic, and Afro-house music luminary Zakes Bantwini.


As he navigates through the album, Aymos tells the story of a young artist striving to break into the industry. The project’s intimate approach covers everything from love and heartbreak to aspirations as an artist to finding identity and calling. These experiences are shared over resounding amapiano sounds with twists of lush afropop and soulful house that will keep listeners wanting more. Whether it’s the tongue-in-cheek – “Lyf Styl,” the braggadocios “Amapaperbag,” or rekindling an old flame on “Risasekile,” Aymos’ project is made up of tracks for the masses. Take a look at the track list below. 


1. Jemeni (with Focalistic)

2. Ababuyanga (with Major League DJz & Josiah De Disciple)

3. Lyf Styl (with Mas Musiq)

4. Amapaperbag (with Josiah De Disciple, MusiQALshte & Theology HD)

5. Risasekile (with TO Starquality & Mas Musiq)

6. iParty Yami (with Kabza De Small)

7. uYangibuza (with Mas Musiq, TO Starquality & Sekiwe)

8. Yimi Lo

9. Olwangempela (with Mawhoo)

10. Rata (with Mas Musiq & Boohle)

11. Muhle

12. Ntombo (with DBN Gogo & Felo Tee)

13. Matla (with Zakes Bantwini)

14. iXesha

Since the start of his career, Aymos has cemented his position as one of the best amapiano artists out! The budding sensation is only getting started, with two nominations for the South African Music Awards and over 20 million plays! Keep up with his musical journey here at KAZI Magazine. For now, take a look at our interview with Aymos as we touch on everything and more! 


  • Hey Amapiano Prince Aymos! Thank you for taking the time out to chop it up with us. Before we jump into specific questions about your brand new album, ‘YIMI LO’, your artistry & more. First, please give fans some details about you and where it all began?

My journey in music started in church as a worshipper and pianist. There, I was exposed to opportunities to learn how to play music. As a high school student, I started my own choir and went on to become a session musician for DJs. I was introduced to amapiano producer Mas Musiq by a good friend of mine in 2019. There was lots of music made. He introduced me to DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and the rest of the Blaqboi Music crew, and I haven’t looked back since. “

  • First, we enjoy hearing the story behind artists’ stage names and its significance. What influenced your name choice and what does it mean to you?

“Amos is one of my birth names, but I spell it with a “y” because he who finds a reason to live can bear anything. With a purpose to live for, dedication, time and focus, you can achieve almost anything.”


  • Wow, that’s beautiful. How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like?

“When I’m inspired by something in my environment I record snippets on my phone. This is usually phrases, different spaces, or how certain words are articulated in other songs. When the time comes to record on the mic I go back to all these snippets. It makes writing quick and interesting.”

  • You’re artistry and music really does touch the masses. As a two-time South African nominated artist and composer, at what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?

“I began recording on my cellphone when I was 15 years old. I used to use an app where you could record three takes simultaneously but the quality was awful. You couldn’t even sync the voice correctly. The technology to make my first songs was very rudimentary, but it helped.” 

  • What/Who inspired your passion for curating music growing up and do they still? If not, who or what influences you now?

I am inspired by Zakes Bantwini. His writing is simple yet creative and stirs the imagination. I admire the way he performs and portrays. He looks out for others, and is a great motivational speaker. I learned a lot from working with him on this project. DJ Sbu has also inspired me by motivating and empowering young people to do music and business simultaneously. He shows me that it’s possible to do more than one thing. I have obsessively followed both of them through my musical journey.”


  • Next, I’d like to congratulate you on your brand new release. It is well crafted and a beautiful piece of art. How long did it take to curate and produce the entire 14-track AfroPop project? 

Thank you so much. I started working on the album in 2019. ‘Yimi Lo’ is the song I recorded first in 2019. With TO Starquality and Mas Musiq since then, I’ve created a lot of very good songs, but I selected those that express my journey the best. There have been so many changes in between. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Although the pandemic interrupted the recording process, I’m proud of what I managed to accomplish.”

  • Off the new album, what would you say is your favorite lyrical highlight, which record and why?

Apart from ‘Yimi LO’ I consider the song “Lyf Styl” to be the lyrical highlight. Music and amapiano are now a part of my lifestyle and culture. Taking a look back at how it all began, I started by engaging with people on Facebook, grabbing clips off Youtube and syncing them with my music, from there I jumped to Instagram, then Twitter. In the song I talk about starting slowly to making hits and trending on Twitter. That’s exactly what happened to me. I began listening to my music on the radio and then I saw myself in newspapers, then on television and now I’m conducting international interviews. That song is the essence of my journey.”

  • Additionally, throughout your music career — you have worked with some hot breakthrough artists in the game like Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa. Are there any other artists you’re interested in collaborating with? 

“Burna Boy, Sauti Sol who I met in Kenya, Sol Generation, and even Beyonce. I know this seems impossible, but I’d love to work with her.” 


  • No! Nothing is impossible. You are on your way to that goal! Manifesting it. For listeners new and old who haven’t had a chance to review the brand new release, how would you describe your new album? 

“My album is old soul, but young at the same time. Afro amapiano is a street-hard, life-style genre, yet also warm, loving and honest. It defines who Aymos is. Yimi Lo is a true reflection of Aymos.”

  • Lastly, as we wrap up the interview, I want to thank you for your time. Again I’d like to congratulate you on the continued success surrounding your new release! Finally fans want to know what’s next for Amapiano Prince Aymos?  

For now, enjoy this album. Then dominate Africa, collaborate with its giants, and put others on, multiplying the sound. I believe a person’s success is based on how many people he has plugged and made an impact on. Now it’s time to give back to others. So many people have shown me love and contributed to where I am now so it’s only fair to do the same for others. Apart from that, I’m growing stronger and stronger!”


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