Avehre Gets It Done On “Don’t Sleep”

Avehre is a fire-new Los Angeles-based R&B artist. Recently, he just released his newest single, “Don’t Sleep” on all major streaming platforms. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Dimitri Green and written by Avehre, this song describes his life as a new rising artist within the music industry. 

“I’ve been known for being behind the scenes for over a decade in the music industry. I’ve written and vocal produced for some of the biggest artists in the game. However, not many people knew that I was also a singer and recording artist. I had to put my skills on the back burner to get ahead, and songwriting helped me go far quickly. I once had someone ask me, ‘What made Gladys Knight pick you as her protégé?’ “Don’t Sleep” is my response.” Avehre shared in a recent interview.

Avehre Is Looking To Be One Of The Best

Discovered by the legendary Gladys Knight, Avehre is an NAACP award-winning singer and songwriter who creates songs to share hope with young people in his community. Moreover, the Hahn, Germany native, blends gospel, blues, and soul music into one unique genre. 

Avehre’s debut EP Greenlight was released last summer and is all about knowing your self-worth, being confident, and sexy. Furthermore, it’s about seizing the day and going full throttle into your dreams, doing what you love, and owning it. Furthermore, with his latest single, Avehre is warning his listeners not to sleep on him, and just like Gladys Knight took a chance with him, the rest of the world should as well. 

“She doesn’t know, but she wanna find out. They see me glow but don’t know what it’s about… Don’t sleep on me. You have been snoozin’ too long.” — Avehre sings in the track. 

Check out “Don’t Sleep” below!

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