Autumn Marini: The First Lady Of Blackground Records 2.0

As many know, the south is known for breeding talent! With that being said, Atlanta has a new star on the rise by the name of Autumn Marini. This triple threat comes to the industry as a singer-songwriter and performer! At a young age she developed a love for music and has been honing her craft since. Throughout her childhood, Autumn has been singing, dancing, and performing in plays for as long as she can remember. 

Destined for stardom, legendary music icon Barry Hankerson received a record from her and just knew he had to meet her! Shortly after, Hankerson announced Marini as the First Lady and artist signed to Blackground Records 2.0 roster. From then on — it was history. 

Following the great feedback surrounding her sizzling single “Drive” garnered from her debut album Caution, Autumn returned with her most recent release. In fact, her chart topping single “Drive” resonated with fans all over the world, earning her over 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners and counting! Keeping up the momentum, Autumn Marini is back with another banger “Don’t Stop” featuring Florida’s own Kodak Black. Her second single features a fire verse from multi platinum hip hop star, Kodak Black and production from Grammy Award winning producer , Jazze Pha. With such a solid yet creative team, why wouldn’t they unleash another unrivaled record?! 

“Autumn Marini feat. Kodak Black – “Don’t Stop”

Adding more heat to this summer’s heat wave, the ATL songstress drops off her latest offering which serves as a fun, uptempo single. Autumn’s melodic vocals complement Kodak Black’s lyrical play perfectly on “Don’t Stop”. For the fresh feature, both artists slide gracefully on the flipped Field Mob and Ciara “So What” beat with a smooth minor mash up of Ciara’s “Get Up” thrown in for good measure as well. Although the “Don’t Stop” beat was made from scratch, Jazzi Pha delved deeper into his creativity to breathe fresh air into his already classic catalog. 

When reflecting on the inspiration for the record, Autumn goes on to say: 

“Don’t Stop is just a reminder to not stop living and just have fun. Life is so short so live it up! Be happy!”

Continuously creating timeless tracks, Autumn, Jazze, and Kodak came together to create a modern day vibe with classic yet nostalgic elements for all audiences. Additionally, the VideoGod-directed music video really captures the aura of the audio and brings it to life. Their official “Don’t Stop” video depicts Atlanta’s vibrant color palette and rollerblading, as well as Florida’s wild nightlife. The vibrant visual and nostalgic new record is reminiscent of Ciara from the mid-2000s, with Autumn’s elegant dance moves and pop-like vocals over the inspired instrumental. Don’t believe me? Press play here! 

As a well rounded creative and artist, Autumn expands her artistry outside of the music. Autumn is a vibrant personality who enjoys fashion in addition to making music. As a result, her passion for fashion and beauty has fueled her inspiration to launch her own swimsuit line — Marini Bikini! Staying booked and busy, this aspiring artist is on a rapid rise! Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine to follow this songstress and her trailblazing talent and journey! For now, check out our in depth interview below. Lastly, let us know what you think! 

The Autumn Marini Interview — 

  • Hey Autumn! Thank you so much for speaking with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! On the heels of your most recent release, let’s jump into all things Autumn Marini, the career, the collaborations, what’s next, and more! First, let’s get into who Autumn Marini is and where it all began… 

Autumn Marini is fun and vibrant. She tells it like it is. It all started really when I was a little girl, I’ve always known that I wanted to sing and dance. And I remember telling my mom that I really wanted to be an artist from the beginning, beginning. Like if I wasn’t an artist, I wouldn’t know what I would be doing right now honestly.

The Rise Of The First Lady Of Blackground Records 2.0

  • What’s your creative process like? 

My creative process, since I do songwrite, I just go into the studio. And I honestly take whatever that life has given me at the time and I’m able to bring out my emotions and what I’m going through in my music.  Hopefully, people are able to feel me because I always talk that my music is like my diary. So if I’m feeling fun, if I’m feeling sad, if I’m feeling mad, I go ahead and put it in my music. It’s like my therapy.

  • With that being said, would you say that you have to hear the instrumental in the production first? Or do you do better just free writing? Which would you say works best for you, or a little bit of both?

A little bit of both. Sometimes I might say something and I’ll bring a melody to that. And I’m like, oh, that could be a hard hook. But my process is normally just going ahead and listening to the beat and whatever the beat is telling me the vibes, I go ahead and write to that and go in and kind of, you know, freestyle, my melodies and write to my melodies once I’m done with that.

  • Next, how do you keep yourself creatively centered? 

Honestly, like I said before, I just take everything that, you know, life has given me. For instance, every single day, there’s something going on. So every single day, I’ll take, you know, all my time and just flow. I’m inspired by all of that, because sometimes when you’re writing, you may get writer’s block and you feel like you’ve said enough. I mean, I’m still so young, so I only have so many life experiences. So I can’t always say the same thing. But it’s cool to also collaborate with people and CO write what other people because you know, a team is better than just one. And literally, I think my best music comes from when I’m collabing.

  • Who or what inspired your musical sound and style? 

My favorite artist is Aaliyah. So she’s definitely inspired me to the fullest. I’ve always been in music since I was young, I used to play the violin andthe flute. I was also in chorus. So having all of those experiences…those really inspired me as well. I actually want to get back into playing one of those instruments or even just picking up something else. So just keep to myself. I guess well rounded is what I’m gonna say because sometimes I like listening to just jazz music and sometimes I like listening to rap. So like just well rounded, even old school music I had grew up with my grandparents as well. So they always play the old school, like my favorite old school group is the Temptations.

  • With Atlanta being a musical hub, how would you say ATL has influenced your musical sound and experience? 

Yeah, definitely. It’s a lot of different, really great artists out here. And also the nightlife, you hear music all the time in the restaurants and lounges and clubs. So I’m definitely hearing you know, what’s hot, and I’m taking that and seeing what the streets like. And what people like and just collabing with different artists out here is definitely inspiring for my music.

Autumn’s Artistry

  • As a multifaceted musician — singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress… which element out of those  passions would you say you love and lean on most? Why? 

I definitely lean on my singing in songwriting. Because I’ve just been doing it for a long time. And also, when I’m recording, I always want to have my originality to it. Because it’s hard when someone’s bringing you a track. And they’re like, Oh, I think you would sound good on this. I think it’s better when I create the sound and how I hear how it’s supposed to be. So I always try to make sure I’m hands on when working with that, for sure.

  • As a songwriter, I’m sure you get an influx of opportunities. With that being said, do you just pen music for yourself or others as well? If so, who have you written for so far? 

I currently only pen music for myself. When I first you know, moved to Atlanta and was, you know, trying to get my foot in the door… I did write. I helped or just collaborated with different indie artists. But I mainly do my music for myself. One day, hopefully I can write for another artists. So that’s definitely on my bucket list. Because I have a plethora of music within my catalog. And I know not every single song will come out, so maybe a song that I wrote may not come out for myself, but it can’t come out for another artist. I’m more than ok with that. 

Blackground Records 2.0

  • At the start of your career you were co-signed by icon Barry Hankerson. What was that experience like and call when asked to ink a deal with Blackground Records 2.0? 

it was just like everything that I kind of manifested was coming together. And to get that call, it was like, wow, someone’s finally you know, believing in me. And he’s seen something in me. So for me to be the first artist that was signed to the record label as a first opening back, it was just a blessing. I have a lot on my shoulders on that, but I’m definitely prepared. I was built for it. For I’m just ready for the world to hear, like the music and hear their reactions, and if they like it or not, you know, opinions are opinions, but this is my artistry. And I’m ready to release it to the world.

  • Many may not know, but outside of music you’re a fashion fanatic with a huge personality. Tell us more about your other endeavors. 

For sure, I’ve always been into fashion. I always want to know what’s hot. What’s the trend. But also, I’m just like, right now, I’m doing my bikini lines. And I’m revamping that. Also creating different projects — I’m working on a scarf line right now. Honored by my late uncle that passed away during the first summit, that he did suicide. So he was the artist. So I’m definitely trying to, you know, let his legacy and love live on. I have some different projects coming out. So I’m excited to put that up.

  • You also have a swim suit line, could you speak more on that and it’s inspiration.

So you know, I was just a broke college student at the time. And I was like, I need to figure out something that is going to, you know, generate money. Like I can’t just be working at Hooters my whole life. started that. And so I came up with Marini bikini, and it just had a ring to it. And I was just excited to go ahead and just go with that venture. So right now I’m definitely just revamping it right now, but it’s definitely going to come back to full force and better than ever.

  • You stepped onto the scene with your sizzling single “Drive”. Now you’re back with your most recent release, “Don’t Stop” featuring Kodak Black. As the artist yourself, how would you say these two records differ?

Okay, they definitely differ because one is up tempo and one is more mellow. One is more really sexy. And one is more just fun, vibrant. So they definitely differ. I mean, I had two different producers. So there’s definitely two different vibes for “Drive” Damon Thomas produced that record. He’s produced a plethora of great music, especially Jazzy Pha, Atlanta’s own, you know, so just the fact that I was able to work with both of them.

The Jazze Pha x Kodak Black Collaboration

  • With such a creative collaboration and a smash single, how did the Kodak Black feature come about? 

So I sat down with my label, and we knew that we needed to get a feature on it. So we were just, you know, throwing out some ideas. And eventually, Kodak, you know, got brought up and Kodak heard the song and he actually loved the song. He wanted to hop on it. Actually i, if I’m not mistaken. He said that Jazzy Pha was one of his favorite producers and he’s always wanted to work with him. So that was a great thing for that connection. And he loved the song.

That was the best thing and it also gave like a Florida vibe because I actually grew up half of my life in Florida. So the fact that he gave that Florida vibe, it was perfect. He really stepped the song up. He brought it to a different level for sure.

  • What was your experience like working with a down south legend like Jazze Pha?

So it was just fun because jazz is a fun person to work with. He’s a fun producer, he makes dope tracks so it was just fun all around. It was great vibes.

  • When listening to the Jazze Pha production, listeners hear the familiarized sounds and elements of Ciara’s “So What”, and “One Two Step” with an intro reminiscent of her “Get Up” sped up, with your hypnotizing spin on it. Loving the record, please tell us more about the inspiration, curation and studio session! 

He actually started the beat from scratch like Scratch. So we were in there vibing out when we heard it, we were like, oh, like that’s it right there. He finished the beat we went ahead and started to do some melodies and just went in and really finished the song in like two days less than that honestly. 

The Visuals

  • Accompanying the audio, you unveiled the visuals. Who directed and how did the inspiration come about? 

VideoGod directed the video. It was really dope. I think when doing the video and during the treatments my song basically showed the image so we all are on the same page on what the treatment will look like and things like that. But VideoGod did his thing. He did “Drive” and “Dont Stop”. We definitely vibe. We did two videos in two days really. We did “Don’t Stop” actually a year ago. So we did those videos. And then we came back to do another scene with Kodak so yeah, we’ve been on it!

  • Wow! So you’ve had this hit in the vault! It’s all about timing and I think it was divine timing. What scene would you say is your favorite in the video & why?

I definitely love the scenes with Kodak. It is something about that outfit. That biker outfit, that motorsports outfit with the red and motorcycle and all that. That’s my favorite look.

  • What do you hope for people to gain once they listen to the record and your journey?

For my fans… I want them to gain from hearing “Don’t Stop” is just to have fun. Like don’t worry, don’t stop having fun. Don’t stop being you. You know, I think these times right now we just really have to enjoy our time. Like it’s so much stuff going on in this world. We just have to enjoy the people around us. You can play it at cookouts, skating rinks, family gatherings… really anything. It’s just a great vibe

What’s Next For Autumn Marini?

  • Interested to hear more, as we wrap up – what’s next for Autumn Marini? 

Well, definitely putting out some more singles for sure. So I’m excited for that. Doing some more videos so you know, stay tuned!

  • Finally, what’s a message that you want to leave with fans? 

ALWAYS be yourself don’t worry about what anybody has to say because God has a plan for you! Timing is key and is always right. God’s timing is always right! DON’T STOP! 


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