AustinTheManager Puts Forth New Track fwm

Following How I Feel with fwm, AustinTheManager’s self-proclaimed and executive-produced EP titled Archives is a body of work that Austin has created to begin his career as a producer and manager. With the project, he delivered six songs. After the opening song How I Feel we’re met with fwm, a chill but upbeat song featuring Lo-C and Rabz.

The song opens with a swingy synth melody backed up by a guitar track; the two work together to give the track a sense of airiness and lightness. Both of these melodies work together to give both Lo-C and Rabz room to lay down their verses.

Being on a two-minute song, this track off of the EP is one to remember as the production and lyrics work together to create this overall fantastic body of work. With the help of AustinTheManager’s production skills, Austin delivers the perfect beat for the two recording artists. By setting them up with a smooth rap beat, Lo-C and Rabz had no trouble making this song a hit.

As the song plays, the vocals speak of how things were and used to be versus how they are now. From dealing with hate to moving forward as artists, this song shows exactly what these artists have been through and what they’ve had to face and go through to get to where they are today.  You can give fwm off of AustinTheManager ‘s EP, Archives, a listen through on Spotify here and you can check out and keep up with AustinTheManager daily on Instagram here, watch his personal YouTube channel here, as well as watch his TikTok channel, here.

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