Atlanta Creative Ishtrumentals Releases “Dosage” Song

Up and coming rapper/producer Ishtrumentals has released an impressive new song called “Dosage”. As he is making a big push as solo artist this year, this release is perfect for the summer.  

You will hear him infusing his Atlanta upbringing and Texas roots, over some auto tuned vocals. The most impressive thing about this release, is the honesty and rawness Ish conveys throughout. The mixture of his creative bars with the uptempo, trap beat, is pure gold.

Quentin Miller and Too Short are just two established music tycoons who can vouch for this Atlanta natives hard work. His tenacity and focus comes full circle on his latest material. Currently Ishtrumentals is working on his forthcoming EP that is scheduled to be released next month.

Press play below to stream Ishtrumentals “Dosage” single.

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