Astro Battles His “Temptations In Flesh”

Rising rapper from the South, Astro (Aeronautic Cam), does things a bit differently

Aeronautic Cam or known as stage name Astro, stems from his roots of Decatur, Georgia to Zone 6 of Eastside Atlanta living the Rockstar lifestyle. Coming off a epic performance at Shaking The Culture Festival, he preps for new music to drop soon. He has built is fanbase off a unique rustic and melodic sound that combines with lyrics about his life.

In the meantime, Astro makes plays with his team at Million Dollar Basement, a creative studio in Atlanta. Beyond his Rockstar and businessman way of live, Cam is setting an example for his colleagues to be themselves in this industry.

“You got to understand that everything ain’t meant to be understood,” said Astro. That’s in reference in the way he conducts business and makes music. Aeronautic Cam lives life on his on accord and treats the industry as such.

He found his success by trusting himself and not conforming to any trends. The simple fact that he dropped out of high school and curated success speaks to his overall potential.

Now we need more music from him but that will come in time. Astro is taking his time and the saying “good things come in time” applies here.

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