Ashley Morgan Drops Debut “Seaweeds & Algaes”

Cover Art For “Seaweeds & Algaes” created by Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan, formerly known as LGTL, has dropped his debut single “Seaweeds & Algaes”. The Belgium talent previously gained attention from his beats on Soundcloud. Morgan has now reinvented himself and is preparing his most authentic music yet.

On “Seaweeds & Algaes” we hear Ashley rap and sing about the grind of an emerging artist. He views being a vocal dual threat as a challenge to get out of his comfort zone as a natural introvert. Ashley Morgan describes his music as a “very personal” way to process his past and heal his inner child.

With this, Ashley Morgan gives listeners a preview of the forthcoming five-track EP titled Letgoletgoletgo expected to release later this year. In his artistic journey, Ashley has come to accept the fact that great music doesn’t always have to be groundbreaking or complicated. You just have to feel something.

Morgan’s previous work under LGTL generated such a buzz around his name that he’s been invited to perform at Belgium’s biggest festivals Pukklepop, Dour & Horst. He also blazed the stage at the Netherlands’ famous Eurosonic showcase, Low End Theory in Los Angeles and an exclusive Boiler Room performance in Brussels’ iconic Atomium.

His debut single “Seaweeds and Algaes” has already been picked up by national radio in his home country, Belgium. You won’t find a more DIY artist than Ashley Morgan. He produced, wrote and recorded everything by himself; even the cover art is by his hand. Check out the first single off his EP below.

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