Aryf Shares 5 Qualities That All Successful Musicians Must Inculcate 

The recorded music industry’s revenue reached a whopping 9.8 billion in 2021 in the US alone. The industry is thriving, with newer, fresher talent entering the industry in thousands every year. While consumers are in millions, there is no lack of creators either. What qualities would help you maintain relevancy and stand out in the crowd as a musician? Renowned music expert, Aryf gave us 5 qualities all aspiring musicians must inculcate. 


Having a mind that’s always alive is a blessing like none other. Musicians will tell you how wonderful it is to never run out of creative ideas. But Aryf adds that most musicians fail to mention the process that comes before it. To benefit from sudden hits of inspiration, you must feed your mind with the requisite information. 

Aryf says, “As a musician, adopt the mindset of curiosity – you are a student for life. Curiosity is rewarded handsomely, and if you possess the knack for asking the right questions, you will grow faster than any of your counterparts. No matter what kind of a musician you are, your craft is bound to be vast, and you can never run out of new things to learn.” 


The only constant is change.”  

These words of Heraclitus ring truer than ever in the world of music. Things are forever changing – trends come, and trends go.  

As a musician, you don’t live in a vacuum. You are creating work for others, and with their changing likes, you need to update your own styles. If you fail to stay relevant, chances are, you’ll be quickly replaced and forgotten.”, explains Aryf. 

With that being said, there is one thing that musicians must never lose, which brings us to the next point. 


Fans love you for you. No matter what you do, never lose sight of the person you are, whether that means retaining that quirky sense of humor or fierce determination. 

Also, the only way to become indispensable in this overtly competitive industry is by bringing to the table what nobody else in the wide world can – your unique self and personality.  

Aryf notes, “If there is one thing that nobody can do better than you, it’s being the person you are. Look around at some of the most cherished musicians – cookie-cutter personalities hardly ever manage to make a real impact.” 


Aryf’s mantra is simple – One baby step today. Repeat every day.  

You cannot practice for two hours today and zero tomorrow. While it may sound exhausting or impossible to follow, this routine of focus and discipline are the ones that will give you sure-fire results.  

Having a strong work ethic is the key to achieving success. You cannot get lost in the glitz and glamor of the industry, however tempting it may be.” Aryf advises all the musicians. 


Even though networking is crucial in almost all industries, it matters even more in an industry like this. Having the right connections can be life-altering. “Suppose you run in a circle with influential contacts. In that case, you can score once-in-a-lifetime gigs, catch a big break, enter groundbreaking collaborations, and so on.”, says Aryf. 

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