Artist Casiino Smooth’s Latest Single “Whoo Icy” Hits High Spotify Numbers

“Whoo Icy” the latest track from rapper CasiinoSmooth who professionally goes by the name “Casiino” now has over 200k streams on Spotify. This song features what the artist describes as his enjoyment of rapping over bouncy beats. Ever since having a little bit of notoriety in the underground rap industry, Casiino has recently decided to up his game and begin to really learn how to make and produce his own unique version of indie hip hop. The end result has become an upbeat, yet calming track with a positive message and thoughtful, introspective lyrical composition.

A producer of all of his own vibrant music, Casiino began his serious music career in 2019 after failing to get mainstream exposure. Since becoming his own boss, he produced a song called “Back in Action”, by JSkillz featuring C-Smooth. “Back in Action” includes guitar loops that were creatively used during production. From there, Casiino has had features artists from all over the world as well as uploading music tutorial videos on YouTube. His latest single, “Whoo Icy”, released in Jan 2021 showcases his ability to both rap and harmonize.

Dedicated to being the creative force behind every step of his music, Casiino writes his own songs, produces his own loops and masters every one of his tracks himself. Priding himself on producing and performing with 100% originality, Casiino is one of many artists who has taken full advantage of the tools that DIY artists have at their disposal. Highlighting love and success, not only does Casiino produce his own style of indie hip hop, but shares his talents and influences with other artists, while avoiding topics such as murder and violence.

“Whoo Icy” gives fans a glimpse of comedy and lyricism. Casiino acts as not only an entertainer, but an educator who shares inspiration on how to become your own successful artist. Recorded using Studio One 5 Professional on a simple iMac computer, Casiino’s music resonates with anyone looking for a different style of rap devoid of a lot of what often gives hip hop a violent image. His biggest release by far, autotuned vocals atop a beautiful loop gives the song a lot of texture, while still giving it an edge and encouraging the listener to pause and think. One of many music videos that will come in rapid succession over the next few months, this promises to be the track that elevates Casiino to the next level.

Check out the alluring message and vocal presentation of a young hip hop artist at the top of his game and fixing to break into mainstream hip hop. 

Check out his music channel on Youtube or his Instagram at @CasiinoSmooth and be sure to check out his older music video “Skateboard Shoes” on YouTube too.

Casiino is just one example of how musicians have more access to the tools and networks needed to blaze their own trail, and share with the world the infinite iterations of independent music.

For more info on Casiino follow him on instagram 

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