Arthur Wants Better In Life For Me and “Myself”

New York emcee Arthur curates a short but powerful and reflective single titled “Myself” Similar to the sounds of younger Drake, Arthur raps on a dreary beat about inner thoughts and reaching new levels of success in life. 

Being young and new to the industry can pose challenges to rising music artists. For Arthur, instead of facing it with fear, he faces it with confidence. He embraces strategy and timing over worrying out when he will pop as a star in music. 

“It’s not checkers, it’s chess,” Arthur States. “He continues with, “ look at music in general, the ones who make it and last don’t rush into success, they methodically build themselves up to the task of iconism. Nipsey Hussle is a great example of moving at a rate where growth as an artist is genuine and not forced. One day, I’ll be a star, but until then, it’s a grind.” 

He wants to be an international artist and for the world to hear his sound and music. Making music means the world to him and would enable him to leave a legacy for his Mom and family.  

With a world of motivation, talent, and a sharp intellect, Arthur stands out as a young music artist who is a hidden gem. To help Arthur leave a legacy for his family, you may stream “Myself” on your favorite music platform. 

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