AQ Releases Lead Visual “Too Comfortable”

AQ is keeping the momentum going with his newest single “Too Comfortable,” ahead of his upcoming EP Hollywood Hurts. AQ is bringing all the vibes this summer. His newest track, “Too Comfortable” just dropped and is setting the tone for what audiences can expect from him going forward. The song is definitely a vibe and showcases how AQ is taking his talent to new levels as an artist. The new visual takes place on the beach, where AQ is seen catching a vibe and singing to a woman, telling her not to get “Too Comfortable“.

AQ credits growing up in Los Angeles as the reason for making him who he is today. He says that a large part of his storytelling references the experiences he’s had in the city.

“I want people to hear the sincerity & passion in the music,” AQ shared during a recent interview. “The way I talk, the slang I use in my songs, the places I reference in the music. When I think of LA as a whole, I’d say I am the city, the city is me. I love Los Angeles, it made me who I am. 

The former basketball player-turned-recording artist is on a mission to get to the top with his music, and tells stories through his experiences in Los Angeles to help drive that narrative.

“LA plays a major role in the way I make music,” he said. “The LA dance culture is huge for me, I grew up partying, going to house parties, teen clubs and we would really dance at the events. So the beats I choose definitely have a certain groove to them that I want the listener to be able to dance.”

AQ Is Built To Last In The Music Industry

As seen in recent records such as “Top 10” ft. LA Higgz, AQ is no stranger to the life of the party and wants his music to help people have a good time, whether they’re at a party or vibing and driving down PCH.

“Too Comfortable” is just the latest piece of work from the emcee. Furthermore, he is just at the beginning of what he’s prepared to do. He still has the main goal of wanting listeners to “feel something” whenever they hear his music. This is no matter what that feeling may be. He will be releasing his full-length project Hollywood Hurts on October 8, which will see features from Casey Veggies, J. Star, and WaveMVP.

In the meantime, keep up with all things AQ by following him @aquinn_ on Instagram! Check out the video for “Too Comfortable” below.

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