Anna Thoresen Unveils Her “Party Girl’s Lament”

Newcomer Anna Thoresen is a NY-based multifaceted musician by way of New Jersey who serves as a singer-songwriter and producer. This sizzling songstress returns with her most recent release, “Party Girl’s Lament”. This trendy track is taken from Anna’s forthcoming debut EP, which is set for release at the end of the year. Her latest offering is a self-produced pop/R&B record that reveals Anna Thoresen at her most vulnerable. In doing so, she strips herself down as she recalls her past experiences with drug and alcohol addiction at a young age.

Penned and produced by Anna Thoresen herself, “Party Girl’s Lament” tells a true story of the aspiring artist. With additional guitar arrangements by Matthew Holdren (Matt & Hope) back her lyrics. The storytelling single speaks on a girl who can’t seem to escape her problems, no matter how much she tries to use drugs and alcohol to cope. In fact, the song follows Anna through a bad party night, and takes you deeper into her most personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences with addiction and anxiety. Backed by a dreamy guitar-led musical backdrop setting the tone beautifully.

Anna Thoresen On Her Inspiration

When reflecting on the inspiration and significance of her sophomore single, Anna goes on to say: 

It comes from a very vulnerable, personal place that I don’t speak about often, but screams through my music. It’s about addiction, anxiety, and being in a dark place, and everyone around you is not too different, yet no one really talks about it. Addiction is way more common than we think, especially with underage high school and college kids, and nobody talks about it without feeling shame or guilt. I’d like to break the stigma by speaking on my own experiences”. 

The New Jersey native pursued her passion and performing fully after falling in love with music at the tender age of ten. As a child she developed a fascination for musical theater which fueled her to continue honing her craft well into highschool where she joined the choir. During the pandemic while at Marymount Manhattan College, she began recording her debut single, “I Think This Is Love?” and thankfully hasn’t stopped since! 

Overall, this trailblazing talent is an excellent new pop-R&B prospect. One with a glorious melting pot of sounds that fuses bedroom pop and alternative R&B. In addition to the singer-songwriter sensibilities with her penchant for personal relatable songwriting and captivating storytelling, to glorious effect. Get familiar with this fresh face of pop and R&B here at KAZI Magazine! Be sure to press play on the popular hit, “Party Girl’s Lament”. Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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