Anise Unveils ‘Black Eve’

She’s back! London-based songstress by the way of New York, ANISE returns to unveil her highly anticipated debut project titled, Black Eve. After only a few weeks following the release of the title single to rave reviews and critical praise from fans and critics alike. She captivates your hearts and ears while grasping your attention from start to finish.

Her heartfelt melodies, lush harmonies, soothing warm tones, and poetic songwriting take center stage on the EP. In fact, which weaves over R&B, pop, soul, and even trap music to exquisite effect.

The Sneak Peek Into ‘Black Eve’

Her previous single, title track, “Black Eve,” was written and produced with her longtime collaborators Alex Dopierala and Terell ‘Tee’ Farrell. Who have which have worked with the likes of MIC Lowry, Sub Blue and Kayla Grace. Following the single’s September release, Anise returns to unleash her project. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The record was led by a thumping bassline, her beautiful vocal tones, and warm melodies. ANISE pays homage to Divine Feminine Power. As the ultimate response to brutality and violence, and a force-for-good that can turn trauma into something greater. All while simultaneously questioning the hypocrisy of Western narratives that have oppressed minority populations throughout history.

While the atmosphere are intriguing and the melodies are appealing, ANISE shines as purposeful and sincere in the songwriting. When reflecting on the inspiration behind the record she goes on to say:

It isn’t simply a protest song, but a prophetic song of transformation and resurrection. I wrote it as a way of coping with my grief and overwhelm amidst the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Elijah McClain. The song is a call to channel the Divine Feminine qualities of healing, compassion, nurture and light in response to brutality, as opposed to responding with imbalanced Divine Masculine energy (like unbridled aggression), which many of us are conditioned to believe demonstrates strength


Black Eve The EP

Sultry R&B-pop singer, songwriter, and producer Anise really laid it all out on this release. The 6-track offering serves as her best work to date. From From the title track setting the tone to to the beautifully lush slow burner “Toulouse“. ANISE offers an exquisite ode to wanderlust and love on the trendy track. Next, she flips the concept of submission while promoting intimacy and freedom sultry sensual bedroom number “Obey“. Additionally, the infectious trap-pop anthem “Kinfolk” celebrates friendship and community. While the gravity-defying “Grades” wraps up the project. Providing a lyrical sound bath to encourage meditation and inner serenity.

The Reflection

ANISE reflects on the curation of Black Eve and says,

I see this whole project as the fruit of my Saturn Return – the culmination of a few years of rediscovering and redirecting, as well as spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. By peeling back the layers, I’ve gotten in touch with the parts of myself that were yearning to be expressed. For me, this ‘Black Eve’ EP represents a reawakening to myself, my power, my womanhood, and my Divine Feminine strength. In its musical feel, each song on the EP represents the five elements of nature – water, air, earth, fire, and space. I’m a very visual musical artist and so it was important to me to translate this concept to both the album cover and the mini-doc I made for my fans accompanying this release. The making of this album transformed me, and as my first musical project, it will always be incredibly special”.



1. Rebirth (Intro)

2. Black Eve

3. Toulouse

4. Obey

5. Kinfolk

6. Grades

Since taking her talents across the world in 2018, it was there that she created the performer we see today. Her sensuous soulful voice, calming warm vocal tones, enticing melodies, and poetic songwriting prowess. For the last year, Anise has work steadily on the production of her debut EP. In addition to exploring themes of independence, womanhood, intimacy, empowerment, and community. All while leaning into her new life in the UK to inspire her artistry and shape her craft. Following in the heels of legendary Black American artists Eartha Kitt and Josephine Baker did before her when finding their passion for music in Europe. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to give her brand new EP ‘Black Eve’ a spin. It drops today (October 14th, 2021), don’t miss out! First, be sure to check out our fun interview below!

Minnee of KAZI Magazine Sits With ‘Black Eve’

  • Hi ANISE! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and KAZI Magazine. We are excited to have you back! Before we dive in deeper, can you please tell fans new and old a little more about ANISE and where your passion for music all began! 

So I’ve been singing my whole life. Music was always on in my house. Whether it was in the car or from my dad’s old school LaserDisc player, whenever I heard a tune that moved me, I just sang along. And I sung a ton in school. When I was in elementary school, I competed in these language singing competitions where I performed songs in Spanish and French. And I played the piano and danced classical styles. So music was everywhere. By the time I was in middle school, I started writing my own songs.

I also travelled a lot with my family in my childhood, particularly in the Mediterranean, so I was always getting inspired by the grandeur of old ancient architecture and monuments. As an adult, that fascination translated into a desire to live abroad, outside of the U.S. I think of myself as a classic girl with nostalgia for the mid-century Black American artist experience in Europe, and I’m proud I have the opportunity to keep leaning deeper, harder, and more lovingly into that colorful existence.

– Anise
  • How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

There was definitely a lot of music in my house growing up. My parents weren’t musicians or anything but my father (who spent his 20s in Toulouse) played a lot of grandiose French music at home: Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour. Or sometimes, I’d wake up to The Blue Danube blasting through our home speakers. So I’ve always been taken by the ‘drama’ in music. But when I wasn’t hearing music that way, I got my music intake like any other American 90s kid. Through the radio, MTV and BET. Total Request Live and 106 & Park anyone!


The Artistry

  • What is your creative process like? How do you put pen to paper? 

I need music to write. Some people start with lyrics; they write poetry and then put the words to music, but I need an instrumental for the words to flow. So I’ll usually come into the studio with a raw concept of the instruments and sounds that are resonating with me, and then the producers and I will build the instrumental track from there. Even if the instrumental doesn’t end up making the actual final song — it’s always the music that evokes the story and the words for me. So I start with that.

– Anise
  • As a singer with a story to tell, you have a beautiful sound that relates to the masses — especially the women. Who would you credit as your influence? 

I appreciate that. Thank you! This is an interesting one because I had pretty eclectic music tastes in my childhood. I grew up listening to a lot of 90s Pop and R&B and I sang with my high school jazz band. I of course adored the greats -Whitney, Mariah, Celine – and I’m of the Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, TLC generation. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve paid much closer attention to artists who are also known for their  songwriting, like Corinne Bailey Rae, Victoria Monet, and Sinead Harnett. I love hearing lyrics that make me stop in my tracks, that make me think, or that I just find so incredibly clever. These two women definitely do that for me and it’s something I hope to do for my listeners as well.

  • Although you hail from New York, you currently reside in London. How would you say both cultures and countries inspire your music? 

There’s a certain fearlessness, a hustle-hard type mentality, that being from New York gives me. It’s that part of me that’s determined to keep pushing forward in an industry as challenging as music. But London, being the quirky and creative place that it is, is where I found the freedom to start exploring not just my sound, but my artistry. So the combination of the two cities keeps me not only motivated, but creative, and inspired to keep looking inside myself to tell my story through music.


The Rise Of ‘Black Eve’

  • For your previous single “Obey” you took the director’s seat for the visual. Can we expect the same for this hot new release?

I admit, the vision I have for the music video for Black Eve is so grand.I know I’d definitely need to recruit a strong team to make it happen. A lot of it will depend on opportunity and financing, but I have strong faith and willpower. So, I don’t doubt that this vision will come to life at some point, whether that’s in the very near future or a bit later down the line!

– Anise
  • Your latest release, “Black Eve” comes as a follow up to your sultry “Obey” single. As the title track to your highly anticipated EP… Would you say this record is the perfect insight into your forthcoming project? 

Yes for sure. Black Eve is the title track so it encompasses a lot of the energy and meaning that I wish for listeners to experience in the larger project. That said, with this being my first EP, I also wanted to display different sides of myself – my versatility and my different approaches to music, so there’s good variety across the songs, and I look forward to learning which tracks on the EP listeners gravitate to.

– Anise
  • What can we expect from your upcoming EP ‘Black Eve’? 

Black Eve, for me, is the culmination of a few years of spiritual, mental and emotional growth. I like to think of it as an ode to goddess intuition; to unapologetically moving forward in one’s own peace and joy. That’s what it felt like for me to create it, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.

– Anise

The Wrap Up

  • Also, is there a set release date that the EP will be dropped off on all streaming platforms? 

October 14!

– Anise
  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

As an independent artist, words can’t describe how much it means to have loyal listeners this early in the arc of my artist journey. It keeps me inspired to keep going — and there’s so much more I have to share — so thank you, to all of you boppin with me right now, present company included 🙂

– Anise


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