American rapper K.UMĒH is on path to be one of the Greatest Rappers Of All Time

When you think in terms of the future of the music industry today, the one name that will have an instrumental impact is international rapper K.Umēh. Hailing from the American culture, growing up in California with a Nigerian background, Kenny Obinna Umeh has always had a fascination for experiencing different cultures from a very young age. Discovering different cultures and adapting to industries in countries outside the U.S helped him see the world through a unique perspective.

Being ill-treated by the system from a very young age, Obinna had to do a lot of hard work to reach his goals, and this brought a newfound respect for the knowledge of the right opportunities. It always motivated him to give back to creating for society by gathering the best educational tools for his future through art. Being mistreated in his 20’s and having to deal with the system in an unjust manner on an unusual number of occasions made him realise that he must experience life outside of the U.S. to gain a better understanding of the systems created in other countries. K.Umēh felt like the legal system in the U.S was unfair to him and wanted the opportunity to discover if there was a similarity of treating individuals that looked like him, dressed like him, and carried themselves like him the same way abroad. This gave Obinna an inspirational passion to travel to study culture and behaviours.  

After completing school at Fresno State University in California, Obinna travelled to Nigeria to continue to build his brand from scratch. He worked in the studio, designed clothing, footwear and discovered his new sound. During his travels his record label One Voice Applied Music was officially born. Music is essential to Obinna, and he has always found fascination in the creative aspect of the industry. Returning to the U.S from Nigeria was one of the hardest times for him physically and mentally, suffering from malaria yet fighting to bring his musical dreams to life. He received the opportunity to attend SXSW for the first time as an artist with Mavin Records, the biggest record label in Nigeria founded by Don Jazzy, also known as the Supreme Mavin Dynasty.

After returning to the U.S, Obinna searched for the next path to guide him in bringing out the art form deep inside himself. So he decided to move to Europe in hopes of progress. K.Umēh first moved to Kyiv, Ukraine to study spiritual teachings under Dr. Sunday Adeleja, then later in 2018 officially found himself, finally understanding the true meaning of why he wanted to pursue creative arts. K.Umēh received the opportunity to perform for various record labels, shake hands with music executives, and accomplish his first international tour in Europe. K.Umēh resided in London, England for two years, and while doing so gained experiences and a deeper understanding in his craft of music while showcasing his new sound internationally.

Some of his achievements include:

·        Founding One Voice Applied LLC in 2013 and booking his 1st show, Opening up Goapele 

·        Collaborating with Dawn Richard and Malik Yusef ( G.O.O.D Music )

·        Getting introduced as an Artist/Song Writer to Mavin Records x Temple Management in Lagos,         Nigeria

·        Travelling with Mavin Records & DJ Jimmy Jatt in 2017 to attend SXSW 

·        Getting accepted into IDSA in 2018 in London

·        He booked his 1st show in the United Kingdom at BoxPark Croydon in 2018

·        Got Cosign by Illmind in 2019

·        His music company, One Voice Applied LLC International Tour in 2015 – 2019 ( Fashion & Music )

·       Booked his first university fashion show tour featuring One Voice Applied Designs at schools such as: UCLA, CSUN, Arizona State University, CSU Fresno, UC Berkeley, & UC Davis

·        He got the prestigious Daomey Brand Sponsorship ( Paris, France ) 2018

·        Wrote For Sony Music Entertainment in Stockholm, Sweden ( 2018 ) 

·       Got Cosign by Russ in  2021 

·      Signed Non Exclusive management deal with Entourage Management ( 2022 ) 

The life experiences, the hardships, his dimensional creative concepts about leaving earth and writing music in outer space brings healing to his audience through sound, giving great hopes for the future of our world optimistically, which he brings to the table through his rap music. Obinna is already making heads turn and getting noticed for his powerful rap music that signifies God’s perspective through sound. His sound educates the world on the future of our generation through artificial intelligence, technology, and revolutionary progression. Highlighting companies like NASA, Apple Inc, Tesla, and Neurolink.

K.Umēh’s unique concepts touch on astrology, love, greek mythology, the bible, elements of this world, the universe, and the story of his spiritual aspect of becoming a rap artist while undergoing adversity.  

Talented in bringing informative lyrics in his rap music to the core, Obinna is the musical prodigy of the music industry. His music connects to fans on a new level, and the power of  his lyrics and concepts are impeccable. Europe was the food for his soul, and fueled him to create music on a luxury level to separate himself with artists compared to him in the past. Adapting to life in London helped him understand the world through an abstract light and also gave him knowledge about how the rest of the world perceived The United States of America. These environmental keys were essential to understanding who he was as an artist. After his journey in finding himself internationally, Obinna understood what he wanted to achieve in his future through sound. K.Umēh is on path to create the most impactful music of this generation.

Collaborating with some of the top artists and record labels in the music industry after finding his label – One Voice Applied Music, Obinna, never looked back. Overcoming many challenges, Obinna shifted his awareness to bring great music to the world that is nothing short of inspiration for life. Our generation can learn alot from this talented rapper and his audience is excited to see what he provides to the music and technology industry.

Being a complete achiever, K.Umēh still feels he has so much left to do. He is the future of sound and Is set to collaborate with independent artists and designers globally through his international music company. He believes he will take the next generation closer to the spirit of technology, the understanding of our minds through artificial intelligence and change lives by healing through his eccentric creativity.  

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