American Artist Arron Michael is Country Music’s Next Big Star

Tennessee-born and Texas-raised, singer and songwriter Arron Michael is on the grind making a name for himself in the country music space with his fresh sound. He brings a unique perspective to the industry, having gone through the lowest lows, while still maintaining his hard-working attitude and determination to be Country’s next big star.

A single father, cancer survivor, and Army vet, it’s clear that Michael is a fighter who won’t stop until he gets what he deserves. Michael is capable of anything he sets his mind to, which is evident in the amazing heights he’s reached in his music career already.

Even though he’s early in his career, he’s still able to reflect on all the successes he’s had thus far. He recorded his first album with Grammy award-winning producer in Tennessee, Travis Wyrick, with the second album on its way soon. Plus, he has been hard at work on a multitude of other projects, including three music videos, being a two-time semifinalist on an unsigned only music competition, and having been featured on a Billboard Sound article and several different internet radio stations. 

Looking ahead, Michael will continue working on his music, and writing and recording songs that are true to who he is as an artist. To hear more from Arron and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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