Amare Symone is charmingly shy in new single

Nothing like some big, light brown eyes. Brooklyn’s own Amare Symoné drops off single “L.B.E” today. It’s an honest, vulnerable two-minute cut where she doesn’t hide the butterflies she feels for a beautiful woman she’s laid eyes upon. She lists out all of her characteristics, from the eyes down to the Air Force Ones. Now it’s a matter of shooting her shot.

The girl’s a mystery, but she feels she has a story to tell. She ends off the track with progressively slower and slower repetition of the line “I’ve always watched you from afar.” Her voice is like the espresso shot you add to a latte. It wakes you up and holds the ear through the entirety of the song, piercing your ear drum only to then relax and sit atop it like a tempur-pedic pillow on a king size bed.

The singer-songwriter’s vocal prowess should not come as a shock given her training in opera, jazz, gospel, contemporary and various other genres. She can perform music in seven different languages and is one half of Hip Hop duo The Injured Party. Just this year she released EP Hello Heathrow, dedicated to her time spent in London.

Amare is talented, and I’m surely ready for more. These two minutes are enough to keep on repeat and tap into her previous work. Shed the nervousness, set your feet and pullup on the person you want. Check out “L.B.E” above.

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