Almira Zaky Gains “Clarity” In Her Latest Visual

Almira Zaky is one of Virginia’s fastest-rising R&B songstresses. Her attention to detail and work ethic are rivaled by few in the area. After receiving over 200,000 views on her hit single “Miss Me,” she is now showing a more somber side. As a young Indonesian-American creative, her path is unlike many in the industry. her life like anyone else has its ups and downs. Her latest single “Clarity” fully encompasses the emotions felt after losing someone you love. The song comes after the passing of her longtime boyfriend, Monty. He was her biggest fan and she will work hard and become the great artist he always pushed her to be. There’s no easy way to grieve. Almira beautifully expresses her pain in her latest offering.

Music is therapeutic for many of us. Almira Zaky’s newest single can provide comfort for many people going through this exact pain. She hopes to be a vessel and example you are not alone once you lose someone you love. A lot of people struggle with isolation during their grieving process. “Clarity” addresses every possible feeling while also showcasing the Virginia singer’s immense talent. Her lyrics are heartfelt and the visuals are always on point. The vivid imagery in “Clarity” pairs well with her tantalizing tone. There is a bright future ahead of Almira Zaky. Moreover, we are happy to see her making more music this year.

Lastly, watch the budding R&B/Pop singer gain “Clarity” in her newest video below!

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