AllMasterMinds Is Not Your Typical Conglomerate

“Master your mental and come into your surroundings, AllMasterMinds”

AllMasterMinds presents music with an interesting twist. Nobody is bigger than anybody else and family is important. They move as a unit and it’s refreshing to see within entertainment today. Two of the important figures I got to speak to recently Ghost and Ray, very wise and powerful men at forefront the organization.

Ghost is a lowkey money making move shaker who powers music artists and clubs all over the country. Ray is a charismatic industry veteran who has work with Raheem DeVaughn, Dre The Mayor, Stello, and powered one of the premiere studios in Baltimore city, The Wav Haus with business partner and artist Ktle Henley. So get Familiar is also a branding venture of his currently.

The two met at Ray’s studio and Ghost instantly left a grand impression on him. Being introduced by a colleague, Ghost ying became Ray’s yang. Their bond led to successes of artists Amala, NFL Nique, and events for names such as Rubi Rose!

While Ray is more personable and outspoken, Ghost is quiet and methodical. Being total opposites, the two work together better then butter on warm bread. Their cohesiveness reflects on how tightknit and efficient their organization is.

They have a very interesting dynamic, akin to Miami Heat with Dwyane wade and LeBron James in the past decade. According to Ray, “Ghost is more like LeBron since he is the younger one right now who can pull strings left and right.”

“Me, I’m more like a Dwyane Wade type figure. During the Miami Heat days while D-Wade was still D-Wade, it was LeBron’s time. That’s oaky. I look at Ghost and I relationship as such. Yes I’ve been around longer than he has but the young man is incredibly talented so I don’t mind learning from him and growing with him.”

An interesting dynamic

Both of them are bosses in their own way and they showcase the overall dynamic of AllMasterMinds. People of different personalities and cultures coming together to form something bigger than themselves. Like the Miami Heat within the past decades, the duo has AllMasterMinds primed for a championship run.

Both have years of experience so of course they’re deserving of their roses. However, both don’t believe in titles and they treat business as such. Titles are just names to both of them, Ghost being the CEO and Ray as the VP they treat all members the same. With the love and respect they want people to treat them with.

The ambition and power of the group is partly due to the leadership of Ghost of Ray. Being totally different people, they show that with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything.

The group is composed of people being masters of their trade coming together perfectly to do better things! Nobody conforms to a societal standard and still rises above. That defines the beauty and power of AllMasterMinds.

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