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Successful black love — Some of us seek it; others crave it, and many create it. Then we have Alexandria House; she highlights successful black love in her champion novels. A southern girl, who enjoys tall black men in suits and Neo-Soul music, writes compelling stories about real black love.

In July 2021, over one hundred attendees joined Alexandria in Houston, Texas, at what is known to be #TheHousePartyExperience; her launch event spotlights black love and romance in indie novels. Creators, novelists, and authors from everywhere in the country convened for this highly anticipated event. The goal was to network with like-minded colleagues, businesses, and vendors. Moreover, this erudite experience featured some of the most impactful and impressive novelists of Black romance literature, including Christina C. Jones, Alexandra Warren, Nicole Falls, Chenicia C. Higgins, and many more.

Alexandria’s Who, What, Where, When & Why

She went above and beyond providing a signature “Sexual Exploration Interactive Presentation”  — an interactive conversation led by Shamyra Howard, Sexologist and Relationship Therapist. Providing her guests with one hell of an experience. In addition, there were self-care activities such as massages and facials featuring Butter Bar Skin Care of Houston, TX. With #TheHousePartyExperience, Alexandria aimed to take her readers on a journey providing hands-on encounters of the stories represented in her novels. She wanted to take them on a voyage of truth and love, and she succeeded.

Furthermore, “The idea for The House Party Experience was born from my desire to show my love and appreciation for my readers. I wanted to give them a space to kick back and have fun—a mini girls’ trip with a literary twist. I not only desired to show my readers a good time but expose them to more fabulous Black indie authorsAs a purveyor and proselytizer of black love, I am proud of the Black indie romance community and love sharing with my readers the experience that was the first House Party.”said Alexandria House, Founder of The House Party Experience.

There is a plethora of talent and creativity across the nation for black writers and novelists. Alexandria used her platform to spotlight her catalog while simultaneously providing a platform for others to network.

Get to know more of Alexandria House on her blog and the books on her website linked below. Peep here:

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