Alex Loyalty Is Creating A New Blueprint In The Music Industry

Alex Loyalty, a respected figure in the music industry, plans to create a new blueprint after becoming tired of the music industry’s ill-conceived and unfair design. Best known for his role in overseeing Bighead Music Group, he is also partially responsible for some of today’s biggest stars. His musical insight and trend forecasting have helped shift the sound of Hip-Hop, and he is trusted by fellow Broward County natives Kodak Black, Lil Pump, and Young Thug.

Broward County Is Bringing The Blueprint

In fact, Alex started out as a kid from Broward County, Florida. Which was recently put on the map thanks to Kodak Black’s admiration for his hometown, Pompano. Now, Alex sits in the studio with Kodak. Alex has seen projects he’s worked on climb charts! These accolades follow him recently signing notable music producer, Tye Beats, who did “Walk & Spin” on Kodak’s recent album, Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1. Alex Loyalty, who recently executive produced Kodak Black’s “Swap For A Swap,” will not be letting up anytime soon with his executive production on Bighead’s upcoming album!

Alex Loyalty Assists Charizard and His Career

Additionally, Charizard, a rising artist on the Bighead label, seeks comfort from Alex as he roams Clubhouse Studios. It’s obvious at this point. Alex Loyalty’s commitment to creating change does not begin or end with money. Rather, the ultimate payoff is successfully developing new artists and establishing an unbreakable legacy. After saying, “So nice to meet you in person,” Alex walks out to provide direction for event staff. Alex appears to thrive in an industry where the industry’s biggest stars look to him for answers. Despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to have much time for himself.

While preparing to launch SLYC and Beat Vend, two music services dedicated to assisting the next generation of musical acts, he is also working to create a new world for music publishing. Despite the stress of the music industry’s demands and a pandemic, Alex Loyalty does not appear to be slowing down. Remaining a force within the industry, stay locked here at KAZI Magazine to see what new blueprint Alex Loyalty will be putting into effect in 2023!



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