Al Doms Goes From VA To LA With “Mr. Perfect Freestyle”

From the production to the lyrics, “Mr. Perfect Freestyle” is nothing less than saying that Al Doms is here and not going anywhere! Coming from Norfolk, VA, Al Doms is a name that holds weight when talking about artists from the Hampton Roads area. This is freestyle coming after the highly acclaimed album “New Dream.”

The only word to describe Al Doms is refreshing. The whole creative narrative that he has with music and everything else that comes with artistry are out of this world. With “Mr. Perfect Freestyle,” you can hear the influences from west coast rap to southern rhythmic features that cohesively come together to make the perfect sound. The wordplay is also something that I have to give my hats off to him for. I had to listen to the song over 5 times to catch some of the punch lines that Al Doms delivered throughout the whole freestyle.

In the freestyle, Al Doms says, ” Flew to LA from Virginia with a plan to get richer.” He makes statements throughout the song that suggest no more games will be played and that he is on go! The confidence and his powerful attitude are crystal clear with every single bar he raps.

The song is produced by Benny Got Bass, who also produced the ” New Dream” project with Al Doms. It sounds like Benny Got Bass knows exactly what type of beat that Al Doms will shine on because these two never miss. The connection that these two have on a music note can’t be compared to anything that I have heard.

The Video Alone Will Make Heads Turn

The California theme is very evident in the visual. The music video is very fast-paced and in your face frame by frame. There are even parts of the music video where Al clones himself while walking through the streets. The effects have a presence of their own in this video; they played a huge part, and this different approach is why everyone should look out for Doms. Everything about this video is eccentric, and these type of discrete visuals gives artist like Al Doms an advantage.

“Mr. Perfect Freestyle” Rating?

This freestyle definitely is a 10 out of a 10 from the visual and lyrical ability all of the way to the unique sound overall.

Down below, you can stream “Mr. Perfect Freestyle!

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