Akeem Ali Is Smoother Than Butter On warm Bread

Akeem Ali makes pimpin’ look easy with new EP

Akeem Ali is the smooth player with extravagant Alligators taking over music with a groovy 70s sound mixed with modern production. When I first stumbled upon his profile, I thought it was a parody, a funny one, but I didn’t take it seriously. Boy, I was in for it because his new EP ‘Mack In The Day Starring Keemy Casanova’ is brilliant.

Six tracks of pure lyrical bliss and clever pimp analogies narrated by Akeem and Lou Williams; yes, lemon pepper Lou and star NBA player Lou Williams. His late-night radio voice on with probably the dopiest drops in music since T-Pain and Morgan Freeman. Akeem channels his player persona with Keemy Casanova in a thrilling EP composed of bar-ridden tracks.

However, what really sells this for me is how many times I had to rewind and catch a triple entendre from Akeem. Quite literally, I’ve never expected such genius wordplay about pimping in 2021, but here we are! In particular, I loved his switchblade references, so I went ahead and bought one.

To best describe the sound of Akeem Ali would be a mix of Suga Free, Big Daddy Kane, and Royce Da 5’9. That’s right, again, in 2021, I think I found music’s next star rapper who gives us nostalgic vibes of the 80s/90s. Along with J. Cole and Murray’s critically acclaimed project drops, Akeem Ali is right with them on great music releases this year.

I really don’t much else to say because the only way you will understand how good this EP is by streaming it on your favorite DSP. Be wary though, Ali’s pimping might draw you in smoother than baby oil on thick thighs.

Final take: A Mack In The Day Starring Keemy Casanova – 9/10.


  • Best wordplay I’ve heard this year.
  • The pimp theme is amazing.
  • Lou Williams needs to narrate a radio show after hearing this.
  • Groovy productions matches Ali’s flow perfectly.
  • It made be buy a switchblade, don’t judge me.


  • I wish it was longer and had Big Daddy Kane or Snoop Dogg on it but that’s a personal preference.

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