Ahmad Anonimis Gets Fresh Air In “Yeah” Video

Staging a love story in a music video during a quarantine is easier said than done. Involved parties might be reluctant to engage in close contact. Traveling restrictions exist. And public areas typically hosting such interaction just aren’t the same. Luckily, a good sense of humor can solve problems. Atlanta’s Ahmad Anonimis (pronounced “anonymous”) comedically works his way around COVID-19’s constraints while putting out an enjoyable product.

Directed by Kelevision, the visual effort for “Yeah (Funk Shway)” was shot on location at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Ahmad tells me the inspiration for this song came from the “happiness and joy of the specific day” he spent writing it. Undoubtedly, he shares that jubilation with video viewers and park-goers by way of his extroverted personality. Dancing and grinning, Ahmad makes his way through the park to connect with the most genuine female counterpart he can find during a pandemic: a mannequin.

The wig-wearing figure coincidentally moves with the same bounce as Ahmad until, of course, they appear in the same frame. He notes that plenty of “funny interactions came from people watching [them] fumble and fail around with that mannequin.” However, Ahmad gets the last laugh. I don’t see a single socially-distant Atlantan in the park that day having more fun than him. This is surely a sign to pay attention to Ahmad Anonimis moving forward. You might just crack a smile and dance in the sunshine too.

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