Ahksxma Delivers Show-Stopping Performance With “Charlie Sheen”

Recently, rising rhymer Ahksxma shut down the stage during his recent performance Via Pain In The Mic brought to you by Kalisha Perera! Performing his popular hit “Charlie Sheen”, Ahksxma took the opportunity to put on for himself and his hometown!

Ahksxma is an artist of pure passion and diligence who curates heartfelt music that touches many demographics and multiple corners of the globe. His smooth delivery and skillful wordplay are on full display twenty-four hours a day. Further showcasing his skills, Ahksxma heat things up with his lit performance on the budding multimedia platform Pain In The Mic.

The Philadelphia-bred artist is as authentic as it gets. In fact, his music is made up of him recounting his days on lockdown and struggling to get to this point in his life. In doing so, he hopes fans and listeners feel at ease knowing he’s speaking to them and for them. Known for being the voice of others, Ahksxma is hungry, and wants the entire world to feel his devotion. It bodes well for his future as he sets to release new music sooner than later.

For now, press play on the visuals of his “Charlie Sheen” performance and get familiar with this trendy talent. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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