After Three Years, ‘Victory Lap’ Gets Even Better

Victory Lap,’ not a light jog from the late Nipsey Hussle as his debut and final album took the world by storm. Hardcore fans such as myself can tell the average listener that The Marathon, his tagline, has been going strong for over a decade.

The legacy Nipsey left over years of hard work and dedication pays off more today than it did three years ago. With every trial and tribulation Nipsey Hussle stayed his course and the album holds true to it. It’s like with every listen as I get older It touches my soul a different way.

The spirit he channeled with every interviewed he done was perfectly captured into audio. You know an album is powerful when it stays in constant rotation daily with the likes of Sade, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Whitney Houston, and more legends for me.

Giving ‘Victory Lap’ as listen for the first time three years ago as a 23 year old I just praised if for clever bars, unique premise, and the quality of rollout Nipsey presented. While I was a causal Nipsey fan, due to my cousins always playing his mixtapes around me; I didn’t fully grasp the beauty of the project until late Decmeber 2020.

Overtime and every listen a new part of my mind cultivates the true spirit of The Marathon. Life is essentially not a quick sprint but a journey. Every action you take and every friend you make leads to the culmination of your consequences being positive or negative. Our dreams and goals are obtainable if we just don’t give up. Nipsey Hussle embodied that belief.

The effect of the ‘Victory Lap’ on my life

I remember in late 2019 I was homeless living out my car in New York City. Every bone in my body wanted to quit and just get a normal job. The love I had for media was fading and my health took a toll. To this day I’m in constant therapy due to some of the experiences I had during that time.

One of the few things that kept me going, besides wanting to retire my dad was ‘Victory Lap.’ To that point in life I expected quick results. Watching my peers succeed quickly drove me to made the rash decision to live out New York in my car in hopes to find success being a publicist.

Literally listening to the album in 15 degree weather in my car trying to keep my sanity together made me view the message Nipsey conveyed differently. While financial prosperity, black business, loyalty, and loving family are the main themes of the project; it was not his main point.

For me, Nipsey Hussle main message in ‘Victory Lap‘ was for people to see through every decision they make; good or bad. Instead of just looking at his interviews as motivational, I look at it with intention. Real success is not fast success. It’s years and years of perseverance while keep good faith that everything you work for will work out.

Now in 2021, I got a new 2021 car, own apartment, make good money as a publicist, and can live with joy that my Marathon is still going. Thanks to Nipsey, I think and move more methodical. Every move I make is calculated and with long term intention, just the real rollout of The Marathon.

The rollout was meant to be long term, not for 2019

Classic music has the power to transcend time and touch different generations while keeping true to it’s premise. Nipsey made ‘Victory Lap‘ with intentions of keeping on his spirit in death. Slept on bars, genius features and skits, and groundbreaking breakdowns of how to make wealth really put this album among one of my favorites ever.

However the biggest strength of this project is it’s ability to inspire people to see their dreams through to the end. Living the best life you can live regardless of what hinders your progress. The beauty in your struggle will make your success so much sweeter. Thus gives the real message of ‘Victory Lap’ of living life to it’s fullest to your end so much depth and beauty. Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle, we love and miss you.

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