Adxtti’s Raw Form on “Fallen Blickys”

Adxtti broke onto the scene in 2020 with his hit-single ‘Devin Booker’ and built his discography on so. Without any doubts, he menacingly hardened the Brooklyn Drill scene to where it is today single handedly. “Fallen Blickys” is his latest attempt and take on what “the real drill” sounds like. With notable appearances and new names connecting with him, Adxtti has also teased a new mixtape, set to release and deliver sometime this late summer. Brooklyn is on fire right now, and I’m sure this record will act as salt to the fire. “Fallen Blickys” shares harsh words for those who think he won’t get anywhere pursuing a music career. “This choppa gon’ punch thru his soul, now the scene is horrific / Numbers don’t lie nigga, check them statistics” says Adxtti in his record. In the visualizer, you can see a ghastly, rare and raw form of Adxtti fans don’t believe they will ever witness again. He has since, laid down and has been working on perfecting his craft for his next release. He claims he is the calm before the storm, as the 18 year old recording artist has also been exposed to the dangerous Brooklyn street lifestyle not everyone can handle. Make sure to check out Adxtti’s “Fallen Blickys” on all platforms, and follow him on Instagram @Adxtti_

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