Adrian Sky is “Awaiting Departure” On New LP

Adrian Sky is one of the strongest creatives in his area. Growing up in Orlando and spending time in North Carolina is not a common route. For that reason, Sky is a unique talent.  His eclectic rap style is helping him mold a lane for himself. The Lupe Fiasco-inspired emcee draws from many talented blog-era bar spitters for inspiration. As a military kid growing up, he was always traveling and felt like a nomad. His music is well-rounded because he let his passion drive him in each area he lived in.

The 8 song project clocks in at just a little under 23 minutes and is solid the whole way through. His various influences help him blend various sounds that create a motion picture in the listener’s mind. After receiving his deal from SB Global Enterprise, he has been pushing to go to the next level. New music is hard to keep up with now. People like Adrian find a way to command the respect of his listeners. His talent is never up for question and he continues to shine as time passes on. His latest project just proves that he is ready for a level-up.

Check out the new project ‘Awaiting Departure’ by Adrian Sky here!

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