Adiel Mitchell “All The Way (Lounge Mix)”

On Friday, Adiel Mitchell released his newest summer jam, “All The Way (Lounge Mix)”.  The original track, “(R.W.M.) All The Way)”, was produced by Dave “Davey Remix” Reed (TLC’s self-titled 2017 album). It was the second track on Adiel’s debut EP, About Last Night. It’s a silky R&B groove with a catchy hook and this new remix draws Adiel’s love for dance out of the original song.

“The craziest thing about this remix is that Davey randomly sent it to me one day while we were working on the original version of the track,” Adiel shared. “I just got an email one late night and he was pretty much like ‘Hey bro, so I was just messing around with some other ideas and wanted to show you what I thought.’ … The second I heard it, I instantly fell in love. I love hearing something, falling in love, and then seeing that same thing flipped upside down and remixed. It allows the song to breathe in a different light and that is so dope to me. Art is never truly finished and being able to vibe with multiple different versions of something is cool.” This revisitation of About Last Night is evidence of the love Adiel Mitchell has for every version of himself.

The singer/songwriter, dancer, and producer ardently embraces the new identities he finds in his art. Even his transition into a solo music career began with drastic change. Adiel’s musical journey began as one half of the YouTube-famed acoustic ukulele-pop duo, Two Worlds. They appeared on VH1’s 24 hour livestream event Make A Band Famous and their debut project, Playtime (EP), peaked at number 11 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. As Adiel began to evolve as a musician, his style, inspirations, and influences changed with each new phase. That growth led to an amicable split between he and his bandmate.

Credit: Robert Castro (@castro_denver)

About Last Night is the first body of work that I’ve put out that truly made me feel alive,” he said. By experimenting with his love for pop music, he discovered his voice, style, and sound through that project. The last song on the EP, “2nd Chances”, was included on the Grammy-considered compilation, Already On II: The Return of R&B. The compilation also featured singles from R&B greats like Men at Large, Public Announcement, and Full Force.

In January, he released his Jungle (EP), featuring the hit single “Ugh (There She Go)”, which gave us a closer look at Adiel’s musical duality. The two-part song flips the script, similar to how Frank Ocean put his alter egos on display in “Pyramids”. In March, Adiel dropped the “Stuck On You (Levi Double U Remix)”. The song introduced us to the club-hit-maker lurking beneath the smooth R&B sounds we first fell in love with.

Adiel Mitchell’s songwriting skills elevate him to the same level as some of the greatest R&B superstars. His roots in live instrumentation give him the versatility he needs to grow with his audience. There’s a common trope perpetuated on the internet that suggests modern R&B lacks the class and authenticity we find in 80s and 90s nostalgia. Adiel challenges that idea with both the original “(R.W.M.) All The Way” and this new remix. Click below to listen!

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