Adele Delivers With ’30,’ That’s All!

Adele might of dropped the best album of 2021 with ’30’

Adele is a music soulchild of the highest pedigree which shows with ’30.’ Based around getting over an divorce with her ex, Adele makes healing and growing through depression so soothing; with this album. It’s time to cry with us because ’30’ makes feeling sad so soothing. Composed of twelve tracks in succession tell the story of Adele rediscovering who she is and girl we got your back.

It’s been five years since her last release and not only does she sound great but ’30’ might be her best yet. Like fine wine, Adele’s generational voice matches ingenious song writing wit every song in this LP. Thus procuring heartfelt bliss at a legendary level.

’30’ has already sold over 500,000 copies in three days, an easy record broke. In a year where Drake, Kanye, Cole, and Summer Walker released albums, this is an incredible feat. Adele is on pace for potentially 850k copies sold within the first week.

To me, saying i have a favorite track is a disservice to the work put in with this album. And Spotify even agrees because you know an album is good when it’s shuffle potion is disabled. Look I might sound like I’m trolling but I got my tissue box next to my speakers for ’30’ and I’m not even heartbroken.

You already know ’30’ gets a 10 out of ten so that’s not debate at all. The real debate is why her ex put such an angel (Adele) through this heartbreak” Sir, I thank you for inspiring her to make such a great album. ’30’ is on all DSPs and lead single “Easy On Me” video is on Youtube.

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