ACM Juice’s Single “Chain Like This” Is Getting People Talking

ACM Juice talks about purchasing $15,000 dollars worth of beats from Atlanta’s finest, Zaytoven in his most recent social media video. His come-up is spot-on and he is unquestionably headed for the top. He will keep going until he reaches the highest level of the rap game.

It might be incredibly challenging to develop a distinctive sound, but ACM Juice always aims to improve his originality so that audiences can gain fresh insights into contemporary music.

When asked about his musical influences, Juice replied “Pimp C, Three 6 Mafia, Yo Gotti, and the developing Trap music genre are what inspire me most.”

He started out in the music industry as a talent manager, however, he was so hooked on it that he spent time improving himself and had dreams of becoming a recording artist someday. After releasing his debut single, “053188,” in 2020, he quickly became well-known for his distinctive tone and astounding lyrical skills.

Juice joined No Cap on the MR. Crawford Tour in April 2022 and later released the singles “Chain Like This” and “This is God.” as follow-ups.

While still refining his upcoming album and merch launch debuting later this summer, Juice has been performing nonstop at occasions and venues in the metro Atlanta region.

A Hampton Roads native, ACM Juice, has a way of influencing listeners and allowing them to escape through his bravely unmasking, yet motivational lyrics. Early on, being Inspired by classic R&B and the evolving genre of Trap music, Juice is actively working to create a sound and lane that is uniquely his.

As he evolved as an entertainer, he has broken into the film industry, with his most recent feature in Finesse 2 on Netflix. It’s accomplishments like these that show the efforts Juice puts into his craft. When asked what keeps him going, Juice stated “life is unpredictable, and taking risks is essential to living a better one. A single move may completely alter your path, but at least we won’t look back with regret.”

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Photo Credit: Jordan Brent

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