ACJC Is Diversifying the Music Industry With a Totally New Sound

Over the past three decades, music has significantly advanced how it’s made and distributed. Technological evolution has also played a key role in how people consume music, impacting how music artists market themselves and get their compensation. To break through in the highly-competitive industry, you need to hone your crafts and become more innovative to create a unique sound that will make you stand out from the rest.

 ACJC is a hip-hop artist diversifying the music industry with a new sound. The Eastside Shotta hitmaker has always been passionate about music, art, and innovative technology. Aside from being an artist, ACJC is an entrepreneur and owns Lambo Speed, a trucking, landscape, and music recording company based in Atlanta, GA.

Despite being born in California, ACJC was raised on the Eastside of Atlanta and grew up with a solid Caribbean influence (his mother is Jamaican, and his father is Trinidadian). ACJC has written music and incorporated melodies found in popular Caribbean tunes, rap, pop, and R&B since the fifth grade. He infuses instruments heard in Reggae with the influence of southern hip-hop, making new melodies, sounds, and content that can appeal to various demographics and is unique to today’s mainstream hip-hop culture. He attributes this to his musical idols: Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Vanilla Ice, M.C. Hammer, and the late Michael Jackson. His deep and raspy voice gives him a sound all his own.

 ACJC is breaking into the industry, and his work ethic and ability to strive as an independent artist, despite all odds, will make him indispensable in the hip-hop community. ACJC’s latest single, “Back Up”, was released on September 10, 2022, and was recently approved by the program director for organic placement with Street 94.5, a popular radio station in Atlanta, GA. The artist’s single release with YFN Lucci. “Feel Me”, at Lambo Speed on October 20, 2022, “Back Up’s” approval, and his performance at Quarter Past Lit Festival on September 17, 2022, have been some of his most notable career highlights to date. 

The artist shares, “I’ve always been a huge fan of YFN Lucci. He’s real, humble, and gave me a lot of games early on, and I’ll always have the utmost respect for him. On the other hand, I’m an independent artist, and radio play is extremely hard to come by for us. So the fact that Streetz 94.5 gave me a chance and liked my sound means a lot to me.”

 ACJC suggests that the world is an even playing field; there is enough money for everybody, and you can achieve any goal if you guide and show your people how to move in the right direction and drive. He also believes that the black community needs authentic leadership and positive influence. Most rappers don’t speak on the hustle outside of music but strive to have them stay afloat. “Everybody is not a drug dealer. Most of them are not; they don’t promote the good they do in their household. I feel if we as artists were more open about that and our interest outside of music like technology and investing, it would change a lot for our youth in a positive way,” ACJC explains.

 The Lambo Speed founder and CEO hope to see the brand as a hub for creative growth, providing positive opportunities, and guidance for the youth. He hopes it becomes one of the most popular and highest-paying independent labels/companies.


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