Ace Woe Recruits Dalton Riley for “Destinado”

We all love tracks that take us to another world; something we can feel. After all, music is where us music lovers run for a good celebration. A vivid reminiscent or an escape from the harsh realities of life, love and relationships. Some tracks are hits, while others are missed. But we can spot the timeless classics a mile away. In doing so, it appears Southern Cal emerging artist Ace Woe has found the formula.

Co-written and co-produced alongside Dalton Riley (the prodigy producer from Texas otherwise known as ThatsMoneyBeats), Ace Woe has blessed the masses with a melodic masterpiece in his new single “Destinado” featuring Dalton Riley. The trendy track serves as an anti-industry anthem disguised as a radio-friendly single for the modern age. Between its Latin instrumentation and apocalyptic lyrics, “Destinado” seeks to compel the listener to recognize their spiritual roots and overcome the shadows of violence, ego and materialism.

The Artistry Of Ace Woe

Ace Woe is the definition of a true creative and entertainer. In addition to wearing the hat of artist, he is also a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He developed an early interest in music, literature and visual art through his grandfather. In which, who taught photography and band at Compton and Anaheim High School throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, respectively.

Although largely self-taught, he briefly attended Fullerton College for music and journalism. Before embarking on the DIY path– performing in bands and becoming a freelance writer. Since, his work has been published in prestigious publications. Including but not limited to The Source, Hip Hop Weekly and Genius. Overall, Ace Woe’s highly-anticipated debut album, XOLO, will be released later this year via Loantaka Records. In the meantime, check out the visualizer for “Destinado” featuring Dalton Riley here at KAZI Magazine.


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