Ace Twentyo Drops ‘Bando Boyz’ LP

Ace Twentyo (20-O) also known as New Jersey’s own Brian Epps is a trap rapper on the rise. The Tri-state lyricist has respect in Irvington. This is due to his ability to make do with what he was given. He has always only tried to play the hand he was dealt. As a youth, he lived with his mother and brother, and they had a hard time looking for places to stay. Once he became 15, he knew that it had become increasingly hard to push for more in his environment. He decided to grow, and he would do all he could to grow and live bigger. His plan with the music has always been to change his family’s trajectory.

The NJ-born rapper is excited to hopefully collab with artists like Toosii, OMB Peezy, Lil Baby, and more in the future. His 27 track mixtape entitled ‘Bando Boyz’ is a collection of some of his best work. After he connected with SB Global Enterprise, he has been on a wave to greatness. The plan is going as well as he could have expected. Ace will be a household name in the Tri-state and beyond if he stays consistent.

Check out the new project Bando Boyz by Ace Twentyo today!

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