Absolut-P Has A ‘Art Theater’ In His Mind

Absolut-P displays lyrical dexterity in his EP Art Theater. Four tracks with different feels yet a similar theme. They all display the talent he has and why he should be a household name soon.

Having a feature on Complex, Absolut-P is a musical genius. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska; Absolut-P has been trailblazing a path for himself while championing the sounds of artists in the city; and the surrounding Midwestern region for nearly a decade.

Bass boosted drums that strike with the intensity of lightning as Absolut-P sprinkles his signature abrasive and nonchalant flow throughout; affording the record a unique and one of a kind aura.

In conclusion, it’s a short, sweet, and fun journey into his mind. It doesn’t do too much and sticks to it’s purpose.

Functioning as the Head Engineer of The Lab Recording Studios in North Omaha; Absolut-P has worked with a variety of artists. With a full resume of production credits extending his reach locally, nationally and internationally; he has worked with a number of notable figures in Hip Hop and Rap landscape today.

Some names include Lil Bibby and Stylo The Don. ‘Art Theater’ is a venture that serves his creativity well. Eat some pop corn to hear this audible theater on any DSP.

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