Abran Lopez Is Redefining Jazz Music With His Talent

Passion has a different meaning to everyone around the globe. Some consider it a hobby and live it as an escape but never dare pursue it. However, some always have the courage to chase their passion since that’s all they have ever lived for. Their whole world revolves around this dream. These people are resilient, hard-working, and very inspiring.

Abran Lopez is one of these individuals who had the courage to go after what was meant for them. His childhood and teen years were extremely challenging due to many reasons. Coming from a low-income family, the opportunities available to Abran were few. He understood at a very early age that life is unfair and challenges you very often.

Growing up with autism, he struggled with his speech and picking up on instructions. This held him back and took away many of the chances he deserved as a child. However, this is also when his love for music began. Since the age of 6, Abran would understand and respond to any musical melody or symphony very well.

His incredible ability to understand music was marvelous. Abran would spend a lot of time playing his grandfather’s saxophone and piano. These instruments were not only an escape for him but also gave him the ability to express himself better. Eventually, Abran’s speech started to improve as he entered his teens. This led to him getting a chance to participate in a local band. His bandmates were extremely impressed by his command over numerous instruments. 

To make ends meet, Abran used to perform at various events and bars. These were a great way to not only generate money but also practice and polish his skills. The audience listened to him with great attention most of the time, which is a rare sight. After years of struggling and living the same life, he decided that something had to change if he ever wanted to make it big.

With few savings and even fewer contacts, Abran packed his bags and decided to move to LA. After doing numerous auditions and getting in touch with many labels, he made the decision to establish himself as an indie artist. He didn’t want to wait for opportunities but wanted to create one for himself. So he proceeded to rent a studio and created music every single day.

After months of recording and non-stop work, Abran launched his first instrumental album on Spotify. With the help of digital media and the contacts he was able to make in LA, Abran’s album started to receive more than a thousand streams every single day. This was the beginning of the bright musical career he deserved all along.

Today, Abran is an indie jazz musician and has had the opportunity to tour all around the globe. His fans appreciate his music and shower him with unconditional support and love. His journey is an inspiration for many up-and-coming artists of our generation. Chasing your dreams and refusing to give up lead you down the best path.

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