Aaliyah & The Weeknd Team Up for Posthumous Debut Single, “Poison”

The “One In A Million” moment we’ve all been waiting for … 

Artwork by Joe Perez & Katie McIntyre

The release of a posthumous studio album from Aaliyah and her estate, has been teased for much of this year. As 2021 wraps up, it seems as though the music rollout has finally begun. HitsDailyDouble indicates that a song dubbed “Poison” featuring The Weeknd is being pushed to urban radio as the project’s debut single.

In fact, press play on Aaliyah track “Poison” featuring The Weeknd, will be published on Blackground2.0. In fact, it came in first on the website’s list of songs that are swiftly being added to radio programs around the country. Although an official release date hasn’t been set, if it’s already being sent out to radio… then it’ll be dropping before we know it!

Initially, when it was reported that Aaliyah’s postmortem album was in the works, Drake, Chris Brown, Future, and others were named as possible collaborators. As of now, it’s still under wraps as to who all we made the cut. But, as we gear up for that release… Blackground Records 2.0 and Empire have also announced the title of the posthumous Aaliyah album – Unstoppable. Set to make its arrival come 2022.

R&B fans worldwide are eager to hear the highly anticipated “Poison” record featuring The Weeknd. Don’t believe me? It’s sure to take the world by storm when it drops, considering it’s already spread like wildfire. Check it out here at KAZI Magazine for its debut!

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