A New Look At The Legendary Hip-Hop Star Afro Preachah

Afro Preachah is SO MUCH MORE than just the talented artist many know him to be today. Not to take away from his ever growing list of accomplishments in and around the music industry, but instead to shed some new light on some of the many other endeavours in his life that deserve to shine with the same brightness that he himself does, as a person and an artist. A natural talent in the booth and a hard worker in all aspects of his life, his rap sheet (pun fully intended) is rather extensive to the point that we sadly won’t be able to cover everything here today. That said we have attached the link to his website below where you will find everything you need to know to fill in the gaps for yourself and really understand the true story behind Afro Preachah. We had the privilege to speak with Afro Preachah directly and we took the opportunity to ask him one special question: 

“If you could have any superpower what would that be and why?”

Afro Preachah responded saying to be a Kung Fu Grandmaster would be his ideal superpower pointing to their ability to push their minds, bodies and spirits. 

“Like Goku on DragonBallZ.” 

– Afro Preachah

Afro Preachah then doubled down on his decision further, highlighting just how much such a high level of discipline and focus would benefit his music career specifically, by him then being able to finish absolutely everything that he starts. Not to mention, one would imagine those skills would likely benefit his day-to-day life as a whole as well.

All this makes sense given his affinity for Kung Fu in his personal life daily. Everyday he practices and we don’t say that lightly as it is on top of everything else that the busy business man has planned in an average day. Needless to say, Afro Preachah’s “average day” isn’t quite as average as the average persons. You can see this for yourself with your own eyes thanks to his consistent recording of vlogs to transparently share with his worldwide audience just who he really is, both in real life and in real time. You can find those vlogs and plenty more worthwhile content at his website provided below along with his social media links and music streaming links. Also be sure to check out “KUNGFUGALAXY” a collaborative project between Afro Preachah and Minneapolis artist FLAMESQUADDJMC also available on his website.

http://www.afropreachah.com/ )

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