A Lesson in Letting Go: “Let Me” the Debut Single from Ellie Laufer

Growing up in Los Angeles has given 25-year-old R&B artist, Ellie Laufer a uniquely revealing perspective that is reflected in her music. In her songs, she explores the complex and often contradictory feelings that come with living in such a fast-paced and vibrant city. Ellie’s music offers a raw and honest look at life in the City of Angels.

Ellie never really stopped singing or writing even while busy pursuing other work. She didn’t think she had it in her to do what her dad, brother, and so many talented friends did, so she spent her time divided between modeling and acting jobs. But when the pandemic hit, Ellie realized she wanted to pursue music full time and finish the songs she had been holding on to. 

Ellie writes pages and pages of lyrics. Writing has always helped her make sense of her world and keeps her grounded. Luckily, Ellie can count on her dad, musician/songwriter, Rob Laufer, to help her parse through her lyrical ramblings. She remains grateful to both her father and brother, producer Henry Laufer (stage name Shlohmo), who produced her first track, “Let Me.”

Ellie’s music will resonate with listeners because of her soaring melodies and deeply personal, yet relatable lyrics, that encourage us to explore our true selves. Regardless of Ellie’s Los Angeles upbringing, her music transcends its location. No matter where listeners are from, Ellie’s music will feel like coming home.

 “Let Me” and its accompanying video are out now.

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