92 Byu Makes His 2023 Debut With New Track + Visual “B.I.N.G.O.”

92 Byu is starting the new year off with a bang – the rising artist from Sumter, South Carolina just dropped off his new single “B.I.N.G.O.” with an accompanying music video. 92 Byu, who is ½ of the duo 9INE11, is pursuing a solo endeavor this time around and making his debut as a solo artist with this record. He’s showing off his talents to new heights and while the sound of the music is true to what he’s been doing within the group, the new music is refreshing as 92 Byu explores a lane of his own rising out of South Carolina.

Get to know 92 BYU

According to 92 Byu, the meaning of the song represents the concept of “winning,” such as in a game of Bingo. Throughout the visual, 92 Byu brings audiences on a journey with him into a day in the life in the studio, having fun and making music with the homies.

“Time and time again you get that board where your pieces don’t line up right after the ball drops,” 92 Byu explains of the track. “Then the ball finally drops for you and it’s like ‘BINGO.’ ‘This is it, it’s finally my turn to enjoy the winner’s moment.”

As far as what he wants audiences to take away from the music, he ultimately wants listeners to know that people’s outside opinions do not matter. 

“Why care about the thoughts of others?” 92 Byu says. “Do whatever you have to … whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to get in the position of life you want to be in. Just get there, just get it done and when you get positioned, just remember it was all worth it because you only have one life to live. Life itself is beautiful, it’s meant to be enjoyed.”

On that note, 92 Byu also has an upcoming project called ‘Why Care,’ which will feature some of the other artists from the label 9ine11 Records. Stay tuned for more content on the way from 92 Byu, but in the meantime, check out “BINGO” below.

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